Day: September 19, 2012

Lisa Lampanelli drops 80 pounds following gastric sleeve surgery

Lisa Lampanelli certainly looks different these days! Lampanelli underwent gastric sleeve surgery in April, having much of her stomach removed, and has lost 80 pounds since then. Her husband also had surgery and lost 63 pounds. Lampanelli related all of the gory details in NSFW language on Tuesday morning with Howard Stern. She also talks about working on a one-woman show for Broadway, being a fan of Tom Cotter’s while watching Cotter on America’s Got Talent this summer — Stern’s first as a TV judge. Headphones on! Listen to Lisa Lampanelli’s 40-minute chat with Howard Stern. (above photos by...

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Nikki Glaser on Conan

Nikki Glaser performed on Tuesday’s episode of Conan, and we learned how the 20-something spent some of her “adult” years living with her mother, while nowadays, she finds herself contemplating motherhood. Well, not exactly motherhood. You know. What’s that? You don’t know? Roll the clip,...

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Robert Kelly reviews his reviewer in person on his “You Know What Dude” podcast

In the documentary film, Heckler, Jamie Kennedy confronts some of the people who rightfully called him out for his shoddy stand-up comedy. This ain’t that. This is the latest edition of Robert Kelly’s funny, if oftentimes prone to tangents, podcast, “You Know What Dude,” in which Kelly invited Elise Czajkowski into his studio to talk about her new review of his old stand-up CD, “Robert Kelly Live.”¬†Why the CD even is being discussed and dissected now comes under debate, too, although that’s seemingly a moot point if you’re going to throw yourself down this rabbit-hole. Interestingly enough, Kelly doesn’t...

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