Day: September 12, 2012

“Comedian’s National Anthem,” by Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman [Music Video]

Do you know all of the words to your National Anthem? ALL of the words? Could you sing it on cue, let alone on pitch? OK. Now, can you sing the “Comedian’s National Anthem”? Wait. You don’t know that age-old ditty? That’s probably because it’s only a few years old, and the song was composed and performed by comedians Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman. I first heard them do this live at an “alt” comedy festival several years ago in Somerville, Mass. Both Kaplan and Sherman base their comedy (in all of its forms) in New York City. Their...

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Heckler hits on Liz Miele during her dating jokes

Liz Miele was telling jokes about her dating life at a recent gig at Carolines on Broadway in New York City. So far, so good. Then a guy in the audience interrupted her to hit on her, yelling out and asking her out for drinks. How did you think that worked out for him? Not well. As Miele wrote underneath the video clip she posted online, “I got hit on mid-joke during a set I did at Carolines. I was not happy. This is my angry response throughout my set that night.” Roll the clip. Note: Heckling is never...

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Inside the 5th annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival

Has it been five years already? The fifth annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival kicks off Thursday night in Brooklyn’s Gowanus and Park Slope neighborhoods, and it has become a full-fledged tradition in the New York City comedy scene that most of its shows already are sold out. Mirman said yesterday that tickets remained available to a couple of the eight shows on the 2012 lineup, including an all-ages show on Saturday afternoon as well as the themed “Talent Show” on Saturday night. Remember, at the 2011 “Talent Show” during the festival, Ira Glass drank so much he blacked it...

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Roy Wood Jr. performs on Conan

Roy Wood Jr. has momma issues? As he hits his 30s, Wood — a finalist on the final season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing a couple of years ago — joked on Conan last night about weddings and what they’re really useful for, why ancient burial finds all feature corpses in the same pose, and makes a solid argument for why he should not have been kicked out of the zoo. Also: “When was the last time you bought a small soda at the movie theater?” Think about it. Just. Think. About. It. Roll the clip! Roy Wood Jr....

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