Day: August 1, 2012

Robin Williams on the importance of playing small comedy clubs

Earlier this year, Robin Williams received the Comedy Icon Award from the second annual reboot of The Comedy Awards. Afterward, Williams met the press assembled backstage (actually, beneath stage level) to answer all sorts of questions. What’s his favorite movie he has done? Blah, blah, blah. You should hear some of the questions people who have obtained “press” credentials will ask in these rooms. Just to know my pain. Williams also spoke a little bit about other comedians at the awards ceremony — including Patton Oswalt, who introduced Williams at the ceremony; and Louis CK, who won several awards...

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Comedy community rallies to raise funds for Caleb Medley, other Aurora shooting victims

The way that the comedy community has rallied around one of its own, even a still-aspiring stand-up, has been nothing short of amazing this past week in the wake of the shooting massacre in Aurora, Colo. Comedians and comedy fans already have helped raise more than $360,000 to help pay the medical bills for uninsured Caleb Medley — who remains hospitalized — and his wife, Katie, who gave birth July 31 to their first child, Hugo. But there’s still more to do. Not just for Caleb, but for the several other victims of the shootings that took place shortly...

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