Day: June 15, 2012

Last Comic Tweeting: How many followers do your TV comedians have in 2012?

It has been a couple of summers since we last saw NBC’s Last Comic Standing, so perhaps this is as good a time as any to see how the past seven seasons of primetime stand-up comedians are faring in the public view. Who has an actual following after the cameras turn off? Let’s crunch the numbers. Your Last Comic Standing finalists and their Twitter followings as of June 15, 2012. Season 1 Dat Phan, @Dat_Phan: 2,027 Ralphie May, @Ralphie_May: 38,176 Rich Vos, @RichVos: 25,269 Cory Kahaney, @CoryCajones: 106 Tess, N/A Geoff Brown, @thegeoffbrown: 162 Dave Mordal N/A Rob Cantrell, @RobCantrell: 1,962 Tere Joyce,...

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Lenny Marcus on Letterman

“Nothing intelligent has ever been said after the word dude.” Preach, Lenny Marcus! Preach! He’s also quite on the money about how hot some NYC apartments can be. Why are they so hot? What is making it so hot? I watched Prometheus, and I still don’t get it. Marcus performed last night on Late Show with David Letterman. Roll the...

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MTV announces new late-night comedy entry, “The Nikki and Sara Show”

I don’t know what’s happening over at MTV, but something is definitely happening over there. The cable channel has announced a new weekly late-night comedy series starring podcast partners Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer called The Nikki and Sara Show, slated to debut in early 2013. The initial order is expected to be about 12 weekly episodes, with a tentative 11 p.m. Friday time slot for the comedy duo, who joined up previously for their podcast, “You Had to be There.” Glaser and Schaefer taped two separate pilots for MTV in their studios in Times Square (the former home...

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