Day: June 8, 2012

Garfunkel and Oates talk about their goals, song process and “Making It”

They may have taken on the monikers of the lesser-heralded halves of two famous musical duos, but don’t let their band name fool you. Garfunkel and Oates isn’t playing second fiddle to anyone. In fact, that’s a ukulele that Kate Micucci plays. Not a fiddle. And Micucci and her singing partner, Riki Lindhome, are on the rise — this weekend, they’re celebrating their first Half Hour Comedy Central special and playing to the big festival crowds in Tennessee at Bonnaroo. It seemed as though they already are enjoying the good life, as they spoke with The Comic’s Comic last...

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Jonah Ray on Conan

Jonah Ray, he of the Nerdist podcasts and the weekly Nerdmelt shows in Los Angeles, made his debut on Conan last night. You’ll learn how to act at pool parties, the realities of penguins, drinking, friendship, T.J. Maxx and more. Roll the clip! Jonah has a comedy CD out, titled, “Hello, Mr. Magic Plane Person, Hello.” Would you like to buy it? Clicky...

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Bill Murray won’t do Ghostbusters 3 just because you keep asking him to

When will people stop asking Bill Murray if he’ll agree to do a third Ghostbusters movie? If it seems as though the fan-driven — or has it been media-driven — obsession with including a Ghostbusters 3 question into most interviews and encounters with Murray has gone on for several years, it’s because it doesn’t seem that way. It has been that way. Going back into the 1990s. Co-stars Dan Akyroyd and Harold Ramis, and director Ivan Reitman have said at times, it’s happening; at others, no go. Younger cast replacements. Murray doesn’t want to do it. It’ll happen with...

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