Day: April 20, 2012

NBC looks to old “Friends,” Matthew Perry, with first 2012-2013 series order: “Go On”

The big four broadcast networks usually are coy when it’s still three to four weeks before their official Upfronts debut presentations to advertisers, but NBC isn’t wasting time, at least with former Friends star Matthew Perry. The Peacock Network announced today that it’d ordered Perry’s latest sitcom venture, Go On, to series for the 2012-2013 season. How many episodes, and whether/where it lands on the primetime schedule in fall or in midseason, is something that still will have to be worked out. Go On… Oh, right. Perry will star as a sportscaster who finds himself in mandatory group therapy...

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Jimmy Fallon to release “Tebowie” record, “Blow Your Pants Off” with full album

Jimmy Fallon has built a comedy career on his uncanny impersonations, and even more so since given the five-nights-a-week platform on NBC’s Late Night. He has performed several parody songs that proved popular enough to “go viral” and even prompted the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, to join Fallon as Bob Dylan for a couple of duets. Now Fallon is building upon that solid singing foundation by releasing a full-length album Blow Your Pants Off on June 12, 2012. His second album includes both original content as well as his late-night parody hits, and features guest vocals from the likes of Springsteen, Sir Paul...

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Paying it forward: Marc Maron’s five comedians to watch in 2012

Marc Maron has benefited greatly in the past couple of years since he began his WTF podcast and earned not only much-deserved respect but a newfound audience, and in the comedy issue of Paste magazine, Maron is paying it forward with his five comedians to watch in 2012. And they are…with an excerpt of Maron’s thoughts about each: Nate Bargatze “I had not seen him, or really knew of him then, and I hadn’t seen him in years, but I was up in Grand Rapids doing the Gilda Fest, and I watched this guy do four sets and he...

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