Month: February 2012

Erik Rivera for The General

You know what I said about female comedians being portrayed doing stand-up in TV commercials? Well, here’s a recent ad for The General, an insurance company, featuring stand-up comedian Erik Rivera doing stand-up about insurance. Roll...

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Bret McKenzie wins Oscar, that much closer to EGOT status

Congratulations to Bret McKenzie, one half of New Zealand music-comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, for winning Oscar this past weekend for his original song, “Man or Muppet” for The Muppets movie. That brings him that much closer to EGOT status. McKenzie previously has won Grammy with Flight of the Conchords, and has received several Emmy nominations for the FOTC HBO series. He just needs to produce something on Broadway now, right? Let’s watch the official video for “Man or Muppet.” Roll...

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Bill Maher launches Yahoo!’s live comedy channel

Some in the media made a big deal about Bill Maher donating $1 million to a pro-Obama Super-PAC, and yes, that’s something to make a deal about, but it’ll be more interesting months and years from now to see if anything comes from Maher performing a live one-hour stand-up special on the Internet, launching Yahoo!’s live comedy channel. If you missed it, then you can watch it below. It’s very topical. So watch it now rather than later. Because who knows what the politics of 2012 will be like later in 2012, or later than that. Roll...

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