Day: December 28, 2011

Open mic: Former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Arlen Specter

At any comedy open mic across America, you’re just as likely to see a senior citizen take the stage as you are a high-school or college student. That’s what makes the mic open. But the other night at Philadelphia’s Helium Comedy Club, 81-year-old Arlen Specter — Pennsylvania’s longtime U.S. Senator and onetime presidential candidate (in 1996) — took a break from his retirement to deliver some jokes at Helium’s open mic night. Among his targets: Former President Bill Clinton, former Pennsylvania Gov. (and former Philly Mayor) Ed Rendell, Herman Cain. Roll the clip! For some perspective, check out this...

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The handshake to end all handshakes?

You ever meet someone and want to shake their hand, but do so in an appropriate fashion that lets the other person know that you mean business, but not funny business? In “Squeeze,” a short silent film written and directed by comedian Brent Weinbach, two muscle men (Matt Keirn and Brad Hollibaugh) meet in a hardware store. What happens next…well, you’ll just have to watch to find out. Roll...

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Recap the first season of IFC’s “Todd Margaret” with Taiwanese animation

The second season of IFC’s The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret begins on Jan. 6, 2012. But if you haven’t watched the first season, then no need to fear about tracking down all of the episodes. Because Taiwan’s┬áNext Media Animation can get you all caught up in just a few minutes with their animated recap of how Todd Margaret (David Cross) went to England to try to sell the unsuspecting Brits on a new energy drink called Thunder Muscle, all while under the scrutiny of his boss Brent (Will Arnett), the distractions of Alice (Sharon Horgan) and lone...

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