Day: December 21, 2011

The late-night TV wars of 2011: Winners and losers

With late-night TV pretty much done for the year (everyone’s airing repeats or is pre-empted for holiday programming for next week’s final week of 2011), we can take a step back and see who’s doing well and who didn’t make it to year’s end. How your favorite late-night talk show host fared is different depending upon how old you are and your gender. Losing out in 2011 were George Lopez (TBS) and Mo’Nique (BET), both of whom saw their shows halt production over the summer. And the ratings bore that out, as they trailed the rest of the field...

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Bing Faithful for the holidays; Bob Kulhan to spread the “Christmas Hot Pants” cheer in NYC

Bing Faithful is no Bing Crosby, nor is he affiliated with Bing, that attempt by Microsoft to make you forget how to Google. Nope. He’s the creation of Chicago improviser (and Baby Wants Candy founding member) Bob Kulhan. As Bing Faithful, he’s a holiday crooner with a twist. In Bing Faithful’s Very Merry Nondenominational Holiday Special, which he brings to New York City for its premiere here on Dec. 22 at The PIT, we learn that all of the members of his band — The Bing Faithful 5 — sadly could not make it to the show. A determined performer,...

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On Conan, Joe Mande explains the differences between Hanukkah and Christmas

Joe Mande returned to perform on Conan last night, which was the first night of Hanukkah. Did you know that? Did you know that and you’re not Jewish? Would you like to hear the story of Hanukkah? Mande will tell you. He’ll also tell you what’s so different about Christmas. Spoiler alert: “Christmas wins!” Bonus: Mande also finds out the meaning of Easter. Roll the...

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A Flight of the Conchords movie is no longer a rumor, but still lacks a script

It’s one thing for a red carpet interviewer to ask Bret McKenzie about a nonexistent Flight of the Conchords movie, as happened last month. It’s another thing to have McKenzie’s “flippant comment” confirmed today by Rhys Darby, who said he himself had sparked rumors of a film four years ago with a “flippant comment” of his own. Darby told New Zealand’s “Nick D’s Breakfast” radio program on George FM that he recently has spoken with both McKenzie and Jemaine Clement about writing and making an FOTC film. Darby, who played the band’s manager Murray, said: “But I can say...

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Upright Citizens Brigade, The PIT announce new house teams for sketch and improv in 2012

Both of New York City’s major outlets for sketch and improv comedy announced new house teams for the 2012 calendar year. Nate Dern, the Upright Citizen Brigade Theater’s New York artistic director, said he received more than 400 audition submissions from actors and 160 writing packets for the UCB’s weekly Maude sketch teams. “I was impressed by the depth of talent we have in this community,” Dern said on one of the UCB Tumblr pages. “I encourage everyone to keep working hard on their craft and to keep putting good quality work out into the world.” The new UCB-NY Maude lineups...

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