Day: December 11, 2011

Louis Katz, “If These Balls Could Talk”

Before you begin listening to Louis Katz’s CD, “If These Balls Could Talk,” it’s important that you know a couple of things. Dave Attell is a fan of his (often bringing Katz on the road with him as his feature act, and employing him on his Showtime series, Dave’s Old Porn). And like Attell, Katz likes dirty jokes. As he says in his opening track, so far in his life, his “proudest achievement was a three-way with two chubby chicks” and calls it a “menage a ugh.” If sex is on a man’s mind every 20 seconds, it’s in Katz’s material...

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Wyatt Cenac, “Comedy Person”

The CD, Wyatt Cenac: Comedy Person, begins with a bit of a bait-and-switch, as it’s not Cenac, but rather Daily Show colleague John Hodgman who is talking to the audience throughout the first introductory track. When Cenac does arrive onstage, he helps Hodgman out by explaining that his first bit, about Spider-Man, isn’t what he thought it was, and that he wants to write his own comic book — which, incidentally, he recently just did (since the recording, and the release of it by Comedy Central in August). Cenac immediately takes charge in a meta way, to let the...

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Norm Macdonald: “Me Doing Standup”

Norm Macdonald has gone on record saying that he tries to write jokes as short as possible. And on the record, Me Doing Standup (available in CD or DVD versions), Macdonald proceeds to do just that. He cuts to the chase in such a startling way that that in and of itself provides additional levels of laughter. Take the first track, “It’s Good to be Alive,” which brings Macdonald to the stage via song. Then he tells the audience: “That’s my goal in life: Not to die.” Scientists should look into this, he continues. Why focus on disease, and not...

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SNL #37.9 RECAP: Host Katy Perry, musical guest Robyn

Remember that one time Katy Perry was the musical guest on SNL, but also showed up in a sketch wearing a cleavage-bearing Elmo shirt and jumped up and down? You remember that, don’t you? Want me to wait here while you Google “Katy Perry Elmo gif” and do what you will? OK. And you’re back. Welcome back. If you thought that having Perry host the full show would result in 90 minutes of such sauciness, well, then, um, I’m not sure what to tell you. Joke’s on you? Let’s get to the recap! We open cold on a segment...

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