Day: December 7, 2011

On Ferguson, Henry Cho talks world travel and his magical wife

Do you have a lucky shirt for stand-up, or particularly for TV appearances? Does Henry Cho? I ask because when he popped up on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this week, it looked like he went with the same collared shirt he wore on Ferguson last year. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence. Or perhaps his wife hid all of his other shirts from him. You’ll hear Cho talk about his wife, as well as his travels far away from Nashville. Roll the...

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Movie trailer: “The Three Stooges” reboot for 2012

Just no. A million times no. The Farrelly Brothers went ahead and remade The Three Stooges, and even though we all asked them not to, they did it anyway. And in the first movie trailer, we see that they even found ways to make it worse than we had imagined. Difficult to believe there was a time when many of us had a fondness for Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp and the other one, or at least tolerated them. I remember watching the short films at Shakey’s Pizza. But those days are gone. Roll this clip, and then you won’t...

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Patton Oswalt claims “King of Queens” writers room was stoned more than any of his other coworkers

Patton Oswalt is making the late-night TV rounds to promote his new movie, Young Adult, but when he hit Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Oswalt wanted to reveal something about his first professional acting gig as a recurring guest star on King of Queens. Namely, that the writers room was full of potheads. Major potheads. As in: “I’ve never worked with a stonier crew than the Kings of Queens writers and producers.” That’s not only what Oswalt told Fallon and the audience, but also what he showed in video evidence of some of the oddities that exist in almost every...

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