Month: November 2011

IFC announces Portlandia: The Tour!

Do you love IFC’s new sketch comedy series, Portlandia, but don’t live anywhere near Portland, Ore.? Not to worry, because Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are bringing their eclectic comedy and musical tastes to a city near you. If you live near one of these six cities. IFC announced Portlandia: The Tour, which will hit six cities at the end of this year and into January 2012, featuring Armisen and Brownstein, performing live music and presenting sneak-peek clips from their show’s second season, which begins Jan. 6, 2012. Tickets go on sale Tuesday. The Portlandia tour dates: Dec. 27,...

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SNL #37.7 RECAP: Host Jason Segel, musical guest Florence and the Machine

Jason Segel has brought the Muppets back into our pop culture discussion with the new movie he wrote for them that premieres this Thanksgiving, and he seems like a nice enough guy in his own TV and film performances. But is he the kind of guy who shines in live sketch comedy? Let’s get to the recap… We open cold with an ad or PSA from the Mitt Romney campaign, designed to show that the GOP’s frontrunner who never seems to be seen as the frontrunner is just as entertaining as his more, well, headline-making candidates — even if...

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Showtime changes name of David Steinberg/Steve Carell documentary series to “Inside Comedy,” announces air dates

David Steinberg’s latest comedian interview show — with Steve Carell on-board with him as a fellow executive producer — has a new name, Inside Comedy, and a debut date on Showtime (Jan. 26, 2012). With ten, half-hour episodes, the series will have Steinberg interviewing comedians one-on-one. But with so many more than ten comedians listed in the various press releases — as well as Steinberg’s own photo collection from behind the scenes — I wonder how deep the conversations are going to get. The list of comedians interviewed include Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Seinfeld, Mel Brooks, Don Rickles,...

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On Fallon, Iliza Shlesinger discusses her favorite commercials

Where is season six winner of Last Comic Standing now? Well, on Friday night, Iliza Shlesinger appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and she discussed some TV commercials that have drawn her attention. She’s big on texting. Even while driving? She also wants to tell you something about the ASPCA ad with Sarah McLachlan. Shlesinger’s dog, Blanche, even gets a late-night TV credit out of the deal. Roll the...

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Netflix to revive “Arrested Development,” air new season online in 2013

After years of wishing it were so, it’s now a reality. Arrested Development, the critically-acclaimed and Emmy-winning but low-rated comedy that aired for three seasons on FOX from 2003-2006, will return with a new season of episodes — but only online for subscribers of Netflix. As star Jason Bateman wrote on his Twitter feed Friday, “Netflix is gassing up the staircar! I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to wear a pair of khakis.” From the press release that went out late Friday: “Arrested Development is one of the finest American comedies in TV history and its return through...

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