Day: November 14, 2011

James Adomian voices Kyle Kinane, who voices Comedy Central

The folks over at Comedy Central alerted us today that stand-up comedian Kyle Kinane has begun providing voice-overs for the cable channel. Great news! But then we spotted this recent video of comedian James Adomian providing the audience members of Chicago with an extra dose of laughs with his impersonation of Kinane. So how can we really know if it’s Kinane? That’s just how much fun it is whenever Adomian performs impersonations of other comedians. Roll the...

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Onion News Network writers on the blurry line between ridiculously real TV news and IFC parody

One of the more fascinating features of IFC’s Onion News Network is how this fake parody of TV news relies heavily on people with real experience as anchors and reporters on local and cable news programs. Its star, Brooke Alvarez, is really Suzanne Sena — former host and reporter for E!, Extra and FOX News. Brad Holbrook, who plays morning anchor “Jim Haggarty,” used to be a local news anchor in New York City. Jill Dobson, who played “Madison Daly” on ONN, took that job after working on-air for FOX News. Several writers/producers convened on Friday night to talk about their...

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Dane Cook ribs Daniel Tosh in video: “Dane.1 & Tosh.0”

Dane Cook and Louis CK may have buried whatever comedy hatchets they had toward each other in a very public way on CK’s FX show, Louie. But Cook still has a bone or two to pick with Daniel Tosh. In a video he posted today to YouTube to promote his upcoming dramatic film, Answers to Nothing, Cook appears outside Napa, Calif., with someone he calls “Daniel Tosh.” Well, it’s a tall guy whom, if you squint your eyes as if the sun is in them, and put your hands over your ears, might sort of pass for a Tosh...

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In case you missed it, watch Comedy Central’s 2011 “Comics To Watch” showcase

In case you missed it last week, Comedy Central’s 2011 “Comics to Watch” showcase is online as a full, uncensored episode. Jeffrey Ross hosted from Carolines on Broadway as part of the New York Comedy Festival. Your performers, in alphabetical order, were Kevin Biggins, Kurt Braunohler, Michael Che, Emily Heller, Sam Morril, Mark Normand, Josh Rabinowitz and Daryl Wright. Roll it! New York Comedy...

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SNL #37.6 RECAP: Host Emma Stone, musical guest Coldplay

Who knows why Saturday Night Live was so quick to bring Emma Stone back for a second round of hosting duties, when the young actress had nothing to plug and didn’t exactly tear the roof off the place last fall. Hmmm. Must be trying to connect with the kids. Let’s recap! We open cold with yet another Republican presidential candidate debate, because they keep on forcing them upon us in real life — two televised forums this past week, in fact! And, well, Texas Gov. Rick Perry endured his instant debate classic “oops” moment during the actual debate with...

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