Day: November 4, 2011

New York Times launches regular comedy column, with a critic!

Boston used to have two daily newspapers that each had a weekly comedy column, covering the local scene, interviewing touring comedians and reviewing shows and performers. But that was, well, so five years ago. That’s where I first started blogging about comedy in addition to covering it in print alongside other entertainment and pop culture.┬áThe latest circulation figures released this week couldn’t put either The Boston Globe or The Boston Herald anywhere near where they used to be. While there certainly is much more reporting of comedy since I left the New York Daily News and launched The Comic’s...

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Dave Attell visits The Tonight Show, jokes with Kristen Stewart and hawks “Old Porn”

Dave Attell has made the late-night TV rounds before, both as a host and as a stand-up comedian. But I cannot recall him ever doing panel with Jay Leno before, and certainly not with his ever-growing hairdo flowing out from underneath his ball cap — and most especially not whilst sitting next to Kristen Stewart. That said, Dave, how come did you didn’t wear your Dave’s Old Porn hat to promote your Showtime series? Roll the clips. In this first bit, Attell flirts with Kristen Stewart. Am I typing that right? Flirt? He also makes Leno slightly uncomfortable with...

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Fugazi frontman meets “the Fugazi of Comedy,” and the UCB-SNL connection

In interviews over the years, members of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre often have referred to their organization as “the Fugazi of comedy.” It was no accident, then, that Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye was chosen to deliver the monologues for a planned special reunion of the UCB’s founding four to celebrate the launch of their latest outpost in NYC’s East Village, the UCBeast. It was an accident, however, that prevented the UCB four from getting back together last Saturday night, as Matt Besser and Ian Roberts were on a flight from Los Angeles that couldn’t land in New York...

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