Day: September 30, 2011

Dane Cook on his new deal with NBC, and spend an hour with him on Google

Dane Cook is among several comedians who have scored pilots and/or development deals with broadcast networks in recent months. Cook, who broke ranks with manager Barry Katz and New Wave a year ago, hasn’t decided what his potential sitcom will be just yet, but he did have a few words to say about returning to television (Cook’s first big break was in a short-lived 1995 ABC sitcom, Maybe This Time), which he shared with The Comic’s Comic: “NBC has a rich tradition of embracing comedians and comedic actors, allowing them to develop a very particular set of skills they...

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Ted Alexandro finds himself in the middle of Occupy Wall Street, writes about it

Comedian, friend and fellow Astoria resident Ted Alexandro decided to take part in the Occupy Wall Street protests at the beginning of this week, and after spending close to 10 hours down there on Monday, headed uptown to perform at the Whiplash show Monday night at the UCB Theatre. He tried to relate this fresh experience into words, and eventually some comedy, because what’s going on is important and young people — the types of people who fill the UCB Theatre night-in and night-out for their free or almost free comedy shows — need to know what’s happening. Actually,...

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Do the Jews run Hollywood? Elon Gold asked Jay Baruchel

It’s the High Holy Days for Jews around the world this week, as we’ve entered Rosh Hashanah and approach Yom Kippur. As a Gentile with a birthday at the end of September, I grew up loving these Jewish holidays because it upped the odds of receiving a day off from elementary school on my birthday. Yay, Jews! And now as a journalist reporting on comedy, I still love the Jews. Yay, Jews! Jewish comedian Elon Gold, whom I’m told is observant enough that he still will not work on the Sabbath, provides us with an answer to the evergreen...

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You’re entering puberty, Charlie Brown?!? What if the Peanuts gang grew up?

What if Charles Schultz’s famous cartoon strip, Peanuts, actually aged out of childhood and into puberty? That’s what The Fine Brothers imagined in their most recent video, which makes me wonder, when was the last time you saw an animated child grow up? Hello, The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park and pretty much everyone else. Would it be so wrong to grow up? Then again, why would you want to? Roll the clip! And here are some outtakes, or as you may call them, bloopers? No, you cannot call them bloopers, because these are just some fun asides they...

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Seth Meyers and Matt Damon remind us Red Sox fans, back from 2002: It’s not our fault

I had a tough time wanting to do much of anything on Thursday after the 2011 Boston Red Sox completed a massive September collapse by blowing a ninth-inning lead with two outs and two strikes on the Orioles, while at the same exact time, the Tampa Bay Rays came back with two outs and two strikes against them in the ninth inning against the New York Yankees. The Rays are in the MLB playoffs. The Sox are out. But knew how to make me feel better, putting this SNL Weekend Update segment from 2002 on its home page,...

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