Day: September 28, 2011

What would Jeremy Piven do? Jason Alexander comes clean about his new hair

Since you all remember Seinfeld, you recall that George Costanza, as played by actor Jason Alexander, went bald over the course of the sitcom’s reign on NBC. Just a few days ago, though, Alexander emerged at a red carpet event with a new head of hair. What gives? This is what gives. Alexander posted an explanation too lengthy for his Twitter feed (@IJasonAlexander) last night. In full: Since a significant number of you have asked about my new head, I thought I’d share what’s going on. I decided to make the change for a combination of professional and practical...

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For his next trick, Mark Malkoff rents a NYC taxi, offers free cab rides for a day

Friend of the site Mark Malkoff recently went online to Twitter and Facebook and told everyone that for one day, if they were in NYC, he would offer them a free cab ride. How’d he do it? By renting out a NYC taxicab, of course. Before you watch, guess how much money he ended up spending. Then find three other people to make guesses. Then you’ve just turned this clip into your very own “home game” of The Price is Right! Roll the clip! Previously: Mark Malkoff finds out you can do almost anything that’s legal in an Apple...

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