Day: August 19, 2011

Behind-the-scenes trailer for season three of HBO’s “Bored to Death”

Friends of The Comic’s Comic Zach Galifianakis, Jonathan Ames and the gang have filmed season three of Ames’ HBO comedy, Bored to Death, and here’s a fresh new behind-the-scenes trailer, complete with a funny guest turn by Sarah Silverman. Other guests new and returning include Dick Cavett, John Hodgman, Chris Elliott, Isla Fisher, Stacy Keach, Oliver Platt, Olympia Dukakis and Mary Steenburgen. Plus, you get to see Galifianakis dressed up as leader of a superhero gang? Bored to Death returns with new episodes on Oct. 10, 2011. Roll the...

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The Search for the Best Web Show: The Jerry Seinfeld Program

Web shows get no respect. Most of them don’t deserve any. But some are astounding. We’re gonna look for the best web show ever. First up:The Jerry Seinfeld Program. Most of you will hate this show. It’s absurdist — not “absurd,” like “fun wacky hijinks”. This is some Samuel Beckett shit here. And it gets disturbing. The Jerry Seinfeld Program is a deconstruction of Seinfeld, with just George and Jerry (played by Arthur Meyer and Dan Klein), always in Jerry’s apartment. In the first episode, George swears off beans: So far, this parody of Seinfeld banter might seem simply bad. I promise you there’s genius behind...

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[Sponsored Post] TV on the Radio, Heineken Light take over NYC billboard

One of the more notable spots for advertisers to grab your attention is right here on The Comic’s Comic. True story! In the real world, however, there’s also a spot in New York City’s NoHo that businesses like because the intersection of Great Jones and Lafayette offers up big expanses that turn into canvasses for commercial purposes. Which is just what Heineken Light did the other night, taking over the giant billboard space and inviting TV on the Radio to perform a “secret” concert. True story! Also a true story, I visited the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam back in...

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Screencap of the day: Ali from The PIT, Amir from CollegeHumor and Louis CK on “Louie”

In case you missed last night’s episode of Louie, or even if you did watch it, a funny highlight put Louis CK into a writer’s room with a bunch of comedians hired to punch up a weak screenplay in the weeks before production. And our titular comedian/auteur/filmmaker cast a wide net when casting his comedian writers, including Ali Farahnakian (a founding member of both the Upright Citizens Brigade and The PIT, rocking his PIT hat!), Amir Blumenfeld from CollegeHumor’s popular Jake and Amir series (who got a bit of a comeuppance for his cliche ideas), and the great up-and-coming...

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Can 41 million YouTube views be wrong? Assessing “In The Flow With Affion Crockett”

Reading the TV tea leaves seems fairly simple once you read enough of them, because television executives tend to follow certain predictable patterns. Such as: If you hype a new sketch comedy series featuring a relative unknown comedian but backed by a famous TV/movie comedic actor, tell us you’re going to debut it in a sneak preview after American Idol, then decide not to do that, but instead cut the episode order in half, and burn it off in August before the new fall season…well, maybe that sketch comedy series wasn’t so hot after all? So what are we...

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