Day: August 4, 2011

Learn more about Gabe & Jenny in two new Bestie by Bestie videos

Fans of Gabe & Jenny, aka Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate, can rejoice knowing they finally have two new episodes of “BESTIE X BESTIE” to learn more about their Brooklyn alt-comedy darlings. In this first video, have your own balloon handy and find out about an important moment in Jenny’s life. And in this second video, who cares about Las Vegas? Do you? All episodes directed by Dean...

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Play the interactive YouTube game version of “Saved by the Bell”

The Fine Brothers — Benny & Rafi — have taken a break from making kids react to viral videos to revisit their childhood and that seminal Saturday morning series of the 1990s, Saved by the Bell. They did done gone and turned it into a old-timey video-game experience,¬†“16-Bit Saved by the Bell Interactive.” Roll it! Toward the end of the clip, you’ll get three different options to help Screech, Kelly or Jessie, and then further options after that. Written by the Fine Brothers, with music and animation from Doctor...

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This is your office’s comedian. Not “The Office.” Your office.

What if the funniest guy in the office also was a comedy nerd who treated the workplace as a comedy venue itself? No, I’m not describing any character in NBC’s The Office. I’m talking about any office, your office, and UCB sketch group Onassis introduces you to Barry Fisler. Roll it! Starring Corey Johnson and featuring Sue Galloway, written by Jason Saenz, directed by Benjamin...

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Showtime orders 10 episodes of “Laughing Stock” interviews by David Steinberg

Today during the TCA summer tour for America’s TV Critics Association, Showtime announced it had ordered 10 half-hour episodes of a comedy interview series, Laughing Stock, hosted by David Steinberg and executive produced by Steve Carell. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Steinberg, who turns 69 on Aug. 9, hosted a comedy interview series called Sit Down Comedy with David Steinberg from 2005-2007 on TV Land. For this latest venture, Showtime announced a roster of comedians including¬†Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Don Rickles, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Larry David, Ellen DeGeneres, Judd Apatow, Tina Fey, Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman...

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LIFE celebrates Lucille Ball at 100 with gallery of unpublished photos

Lucille Ball would have turned 100 on Saturday, Aug. 6. To celebrate her legacy, LIFE magazine at has posted a gallery of never-before-published photographs of the comedienne. In this 1958 photo by Leonard McCombe for TIME & LIFE Pictures, we see Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball posing in front of their then-latest venture, Desilu Studios. Fun fact: When Lucy and Desi launched I Love Lucy, they started a TV revolution not only by shooting their sitcom in Hollywood, but also by being the first to use a three-camera set. Yes. You can credit and later blame or still...

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