Day: August 3, 2011

Two Kids One Hall: Scott Thompson & Kevin McDonald pair up to launch nationwide tour

It’s not going to be quite as salacious as the video, “Two Girls One Cup,” nor is it going to be as plentiful as The Kids in the Hall, but it will be Two Kids One Hall as KITH’s Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald embark on a nationwide tour of comedy clubs and theaters together. The tour kicks off tonight at Largo in Los Angeles with a special appearance by fellow Kids in the Hall trouper Dave Foley. Expect silliness to ensue as Thompson and McDonald each do their own version of stand-up — one-man sketches — and then also...

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Eddie Izzard and Kristen Bell join Craig Ferguson for a stroll through Paris

Craig Ferguson loves to have a loosey-goosey attitude on the set of his late-night talk show for CBS, but this week takes things to another level. Or should I say, another country entirely. This week’s episodes come to us from Paris, where Ferguson recently went on a working vacation. On last night’s episode of Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, comedian Eddie Izzard and actress Kristen Bell joined Ferguson for a shopping stroll through the streets of Paris. You’ll get to see Ferguson question Izzard about performing his stand-up material in French, as well as whether the French or...

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Melissa Villasenor’s quarterfinal performance on America’s Got Talent 2011

The fourth and final group of quarterfinalists performed last night on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, and that left impersonator Melissa Villasenor as the last comedian remaining in this summer’s competition. For her performance, she chose to include the voices of judge Sharon Osbourne and singer Mariah Carey (wife of host Nick Cannon) in her canon of characters. Did she choose wisely? Did you vote for Villasenor? We’ll find out tonight. UPDATED: Villasenor advanced to the semifinals! Congrats! If not, Villasenor and The other two comedians who made it to the quarterfinals (J. Chris Newberg and Geechy Guy) will have to...

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