Day: July 28, 2011

Marc Maron’s powerful keynote address at Montreal’s JFL 2011

Marc Maron had introduced Andy Kindler at the State of the Industry Address two summers ago in Montreal, and this afternoon, Kindler kindly returned the favor with a lengthy and heartfelt introduction of Maron for his Keynote Address at the 2011 Just For Laughs Comedy Conference. “I emailed him and said his podcast really changed my life,” Kindler said of Maron, calling him “an empathetic savant,” adding: “I feel like he’s created a place where comedians can come together, gather and learn about things.” Maron recounted his stand-up tour with Kindler and Eugene Mirman, which happened months before Maron decided...

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Newer than New Faces? JFL Montreal debuts “Unrepresented” with 10 free agent comedians

One thing that always brings comedy industry scouts, agents and managers to Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival each July is the opportunity to scoop up rising comedic performers before they sign with some other talent management or agency and get that fabled six-figure development deal that people remember from 15 years ago. First JFL expanded into New Faces Characters to showcase the SNL-sketch/variety up-and-comers. Today JFL has added New Faces Unrepresented to the schedule, with shows Friday and Saturday in Montreal at Underworld.** Who are the 10 self-represented stand-up comedians to make the cut as the freshest of fresh...

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John Pinette: “Still Hungry” as a comedian after 25 years

John Pinette is still hungry. Not just for food, which he will recount, regale and reheat his temper over in his upcoming Comedy Central special, which is called Still Hungry and premieres on Friday night and arrives in DVD and CD forms on Aug. 2, 2011. Pinette told me he also feels, as after a quarter-century in stand-up comedy, he’s still hungry to make sure he’s on top of his game as a comedian. “It was meant to be a double entendre,” he said over the phone last night. “The next one will be called John Pinette: A Man...

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Welcome to the new-and-improved version of The Comic’s Comic!

Greetings readers! If you’re now landing here — and especially if you aren’t — then you probably sensed something different. Something special in the air. I’ve decided to launch a major redesign and overhaul of The Comic’s Comic to take it big-time, and I’ve found a partner in My Damn Channel to help me do it! If your bookmark or your RSS feed isn’t getting info from this site, please readjust your settings for and take a look around. It’s still in development. Not sure if I’d call it the beta version. But it is going to be bigger and even better than before....

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