Day: July 18, 2011

Earwolf announces partnership with Funny or Die

Funny or Die is getting into the comedy podcasting business, and they’ve picked one of their most popular video producers to help them do it. Earwolf broke the news of its deal with FoD tonight. As of September 2011, Earwolf will become the exclusive sole provider and producer of Funny or Die podcasts, with new shows added to the existing comedy podcast network and available via iTunes, and In the agreement, FoD also will license Earwolf’s existing back catalogue and offer them on their site. From Earwolf: “We‚Äôre pumped to have a podcast partner-in-crime and one with such a large and loyal following. We‚Äôre doubly pumped to bring more great comedy from today‚Äôs best comedic minds to the 11-million/month Funny Or Die visitors. We‚Äôre triply pumped to for Earwolf fans to get more of what they love, too.” As referenced up top, this partnership is not exactly surprising. Earwolf was co-created by Scott Aukerman, host of the popular live show and podcast, Comedy Bang Bang (formerly Comedy Death-Ray), and producer of Funny or Die’s “Between Two Ferns” series with Zach Galifianakis, which enjoys some of the most viewed videos of all time on the...

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Well-known comedians in well-beloved TV dramas

If you’re watching AMC’s Breaking Bad, or just catching up to this Emmy-winning drama, then you’re well-aware of Bob Odenkirk’s rascally role as attorney Saul Goodman. In season four (which premiered last night), Saul has hired himself a bodyguard, Huell, who is played by none other than stand-up comedian Lavell Crawford. Here’s a clip of their first scenes together in Breaking Bad. Not spoilery! Crawford has been a touring stand-up for years, and finished runner-up to Jon Reep in the 2007 season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He has a new comedy CD out this month called Can A Brother Get Some Love?, which also will debut on Comedy Central on Aug. 12, 2011. It’s always interesting to see popular comedians cast in TV dramas. Enough stand-ups have done the trick on Law & Order that you could host a full night’s show and then some with them. But how many comedians have made the successful transition from stand-up stage to small screen drama, particularly when it’s a critical and commercial TV hit? Let’s take a look back… Richard Belzer, Det. John Munch (1993-present, various) Speaking of Law & Order, Richard Belzer has an entirely separate career in which an entire generation knows him simply as Detective John Munch (from Homicide and Law & Order: SVU to The X-Files, Law & Order, The Beat, Law & Order: Trial By Jury, Arrested Development, and The Wire.) “The reality and...

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Kickstarting the 4th annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival

The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, now in its fourth year, is unlike any other comedy festival. Intended to be a joke on the notion of comedy fests, it has nevertheless become a Brooklyn institution now, and as Mirman and his co-conspirators Julie Smith and Caroline Creaghead note, it has managed to become both “sincere-and-ironic.” Keeping with that theme, they have taken to Kickstarter in hopes of raising money to pay for this year’s event in September. I’ve spoken to Mirman, and this list of ridiculousness is, in fact, quite real. They do plan a full Day of Science this year. In past years, they’ve offered pig roasts and fake VIP laminates, and they’ve sold rocks emblazoned with names of comedy industry insiders. Among the things they’d like to do this September: Pay the people who work for the festival; build an ice cream limo or buy an ice cream truck (the former sounds wonderful, the latter sounds feasible); fly in some performers and put them up in hotels to expand the event; set up a petting zoo; host an “Awkward Party Bus”; stage a VIP section inside the Bell House. Roll the video clip to hear it straight from Mirman: With 30 days left in their fund-raising period, they’ve already received $3,842 from 45 backers. The most popular donation level of $20 so far has 12 donors getting their...

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