Day: July 8, 2011

“Kate McKinnon on Ice,” A One-Woman Sketch-tacular!

Kate McKinnon earned a nomination for the ECNY's Emerging Comic Award in 2010, but how she hasn't emerged already as a comedy star is beyond me. Yes, McKinnon got to showcase her chops in Logo TV's The Big Gay Sketch Show, but odds are, you weren't watching Logo nor even know what channel that is on your cable/satellite provider. You do have the opportunity to see how brilliant McKinnon is, live onstage, in her new aptly-billed "one-woman sketch-tacular," Kate McKinnon On Ice, which just began its run at the UCB Theatre in New York City. McKinnon has no qualms, no shame when she takes the stage. Instead, she goes for the laugh each and every time with gusto. And in one scene, with gutso! So. Yeah. Yeah! What makes McKinnon so special is that she manages to be both charming and likable, while having a wild, mischievous streak lying so close to the surface that you can see it waiting to burst out at any moment. Her show includes multiple British accents, portrayals of people we know such as Penelope Cruz, Temple Grandin and Susan Boyle (see the video ad below), people we didn't ever think we'd know such as a Siamese sister act for America's Got Talent, and yes, even a sketch that puts one of McKinnon's characters on ice, while another of McKinnon's characters provides commentary on...

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[Sponsored Post] Take Heineken on a date in this short film

Heineken is getting upscale and arty with its advertising, as this latest short film demonstrates. I'd tell you that even if Heineken wasn't paying me, because it's so hot and sweaty outside, that just thinking I can be cool like this is almost as good as having a cold beer. And yes, I treat all of the ladies in my life to first-class dates that involve lots of mayhem and very little talking. Don't you? Roll it if you've got...

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In news about comedy sites, Punchline Magazine’s days are numbered, while Earwolf adds bloggers

Overnight, Punchline Magazine's founder Dylan P. Gadino revealed to his readers that next week, his site formally will disappear, and then reappear under the new moniker of LaughSpin. Gadino writes: "For close to a year now, we‚Äôve been revamping, redesigning and rebranding the site I launched, along with graphic designer Bill Bergmann, on Sept. 15, 2005. During the relaunch process, I decided that as much as I love the name ‚ÄúPunchline Magazine,‚Äù it was time for a change. I wanted a new name‚Äì something wholly singular, fun and appropriate. I also wanted to lose ‚Äúmagazine,‚Äù since, in these ever-evolving technological times, that word is quickly losing its value. It also might not best explain some of the other comedy endeavors we have planned. More on that later." For one thing, it's difficult to put out comedy CDs and DVDs under the Punchline name when comedy clubs around the country already are called Punchline. And "the close to a year now" is how long it has been since Salient Media (aka comedy management team The Collective) made a deal to acquire Gadino's site. It'll be interesting to see how the site changes both cosmetically and substantively. The Collective's highest-profile clients include Eddie Izzard and have included Andy Dick, Katt Williams and Greg Giraldo — although their digital entertainment arm also has snagged a number of the young stars of YouTube,...

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Watch Ali Wong’s debut on The Tonight Show

Ali Wong made her late-night TV debut last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and she filled us in on the good parts of having an Asian boyfriend, and yet how bad he is at gift-giving. Want to know more about her? Read Ali Wong's Meet Me in New York interview, conducted before she up and went all Hollywood. Wong also has a role on FOX's on-again, off-again, on-again midseason series, Breaking In. You don't need to hear Leno's intro, do you? Alrighty then. Roll the clip!...

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