Day: July 6, 2011

Artie Lange back on the radio? One night only, with guest co-host Nick DiPaolo? Hear how. Hear now!

Artie Lange fans will be heartened to know that Lange will talk on the radio tonight live, but it’s not on Stern. Nope. Lange and fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo will be filling in for Tony Bruno on the 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. shift (times Eastern) on Fox Sports Radio. Let’s hope that this is as an encouraging turn of events as it seems. Related: Listen to FOX Sports Radio online. (Via The Laugh Button) UPDATED: With a photo from inside the FOX Sports Radio studios of Lange and DiPaolo together, quotes, and audio in case you missed it live tonight! This photo snapped by agent Tony D. Burton shows Artie Lange looking rested, happy and much healthier than he had been before, as he sat in with Nick DiPaolo as guest hosts Wednesday night for three hours on FOX Sports Radio. Burton told Lange’s former assistant Hilary Herbert: “he looks better than ever.” The Stern Superfans site reported that “Artie sounded like the old Artie that we all loved, he was joking, he was awake and you could hear it in his voice that he loved to be back.” It was Lange’s first public national speaking engagement or appearance since his attempted suicide in January 2010. Over the course of three hours, Lange and DiPaolo talked sports, the Casey Anthony case, Lange’s stint in rehab in Florida, and...

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[Sponsored Post] Take Heineken on a date in this short film

Heineken is getting upscale and arty with its advertising, as this latest short film demonstrates. I'd tell you that even if Heineken wasn't paying me, because it's so hot and sweaty outside, that just thinking I can be cool like this is almost as good as having a cold beer. And yes, I treat all of the ladies in my life to first-class dates that involve lots of mayhem and very little talking. Don't you? Roll it if you've got...

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NBC hires James Spader for “The Office,” replacing Kathy Bates, not Steve Carell

NBC announced today that James Spader will join the cast of The Office this fall as a full-time regular, but not for the job he auditioned for — instead of replacing Steve Carell as office manager at Dunder-Mifflin, Spader's "Robert California" will replace Kathy Bates as CEO of Sabre, the paper company's corporate parent. Said Paul Lieberstein, an executive producer on the show who also plays HR man Toby:  "James will reprise his role as Robert California, this uber-salesman that has a power to convince and manipulate, like a high-class weirdo Jedi warrior. He'll have been hired over the summer as the new manager, but within hours, got himself promoted. Within days, he took over the company. James has an energy that is completely his own, and 'The Office' has no tools for dealing with this guy. We're thrilled he's joining our cast." You can see part of Spader's unofficial official job interview with Toby and the search committee in this recap from the season finale:...

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Jo Koy out of Chelsea Handler’s NBC midseason sitcom, but Handler still gets to joke that Koy is gay?

In case you missed it, sometime before the holiday weekend, NBC decided to recast three of its supporting roles on the 2012 midseason sitcom, Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea, based on one of Chelsea Handler's best-selling books. One of the people losing out was stand-up comedian Jo Koy, a regular member of Handler's late-night roundtable on her E! series, Chelsea Lately. A spokesperson told Michael Ausiello the cast changes had been made for "creative reasons." But a few comedians (you know how comics talk) already had put out word that for Koy, the creative reason allegedly was the network's response to Koy calling an audience member a "fucking faggot" during his June 15 show at Just For Laughs Chicago. Neither NBC nor Koy has said there was a direct link. (Updated!) In fact, I have it on good authority that NBC already was looking to recast Koy's bartender role with someone who could develop more potential sexual tension with Laura Prepon's lead character as a younger Chelsea, and they had until June 30 to make that decision. And Koy apologized the following day for his brief outburst via Twitter, saying: "Homophobia is not funny." Did Handler get that memo? On Monday night's episode of Chelsea Lately, neither Handler nor Koy brought up their NBC split. Handler did return to her long-running roast of Koy by joking that he's...

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Writing Movies For (Fun And) Profit: Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon share their insights

You may know Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon from Reno 911! or their earlier collaboration with The State, but did you know that they also have co-written screenplays that have earned more than a billion dollars in global box-office receipts? They not only want you to know this, but they've also decided to share their insights with you in their new book, Writing Movies For Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion Dollars at the Box Office and You Can, Too! Here's an ad they produced with Funny or Die (also featuring Rob Huebel and Brett Gelman) to promote the book's launch this week. Roll it!   Garant and Lennon have screenwriting credits for Night At the Museum and its sequel, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, as well as for Balls of Fury, Reno 911! Miami, Let's Go to Prison, Herbie Fully Loaded, The Pacifier, and Taxi (aka the Jimmy Fallon cab movie). Of course, it's the two Night at the Museum movies that brought in almost a billion dollars combined. But as Garant told Time Out NY, it's not all a big joke: ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs a very practical, incredibly realistic book of, ‚ÄòHow do you actually make a go of it in Hollywood as a screenwriter?‚Äô The more you know before you get here, the better off you‚Äôll be. There are a lot of...

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