Day: June 28, 2011

Comedy Central orders “The Nick Show Kroll” and an untitled Jordan Peele & Keegan-Michael Key series

Mere weeks after saying goodbye to both of its new sports-themed comedy series, Comedy Central has ordered series pickups for two sketch-comedy ideas: One starring Nick Kroll and all of his characters, The Nick Show Kroll; and the other, an untitled project reuniting MADtv alums Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key. Interestingly enough, the press release from Comedy Central seems to indicate that Kent Alterman ordered both pilots to series without even seeing them. In fact, his quote says just that! “I haven’t seen either pilot yet, but I think so highly of the talent involved, I can’t imagine the shows won’t be great,” said Alterman. Boom. Nick Kroll proudly announced his show to friends, fans and followers on Twitter… And yes, all of Kroll’s characters that you’ve come to know and love will be a part of the series, including Bobby Bottleservice, Fabrice Fabrice and even the “Rich Dicks” sketch that Kroll and Jon Daly did for Funny or Die. Related: Watch The Ed Hardy Boyz and Rich Dicks videos now! As a bonus, the pilot also features a sketch with Jenny Slate called “The PubLIZity Girls.” Executive producing and writing with Kroll on The Nick Show Kroll are John Levenstein (“Arrested Development”) and Jonathan Krisel (“SNL,” “Portlandia”), who also is directing. As Kroll thanks above, Daly and Chelsea Peretti also have their handiwork on this series. The other pickup features...

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Joke thief jokes about being joke thief on Australia’s Got Talent 2011, bombs miserably

On the other side of the globe, Australia’s Got Talent garnered quite a bit of attention earlier this season when Jordan Paris, “a singer and actor” as his website describes him, introduced himself to Australia’s TV viewing audience as a 22-year-old stand-up comedian. He made it through to the semifinals. Only problem was, all of the material he used in his audition he had ripped off of other comedians; namely, Lee Mack and Geoff Keith. And people familiar with both of those comedians were quick to point this out. So Paris appeared Tuesday night for his semifinal round, and in the buildup to it, the show teased how much pressure he had, and even tried to defend his joke thievery to singers who perform covers. Well, I mean. Really? Seriously? Do they not understand the concept of original comedy in Australia? Wait a second. Isn’t Australia the same country/continent where they had guys perform in blackface as a Jackson Five parody a couple of years ago? Oh, yep. That’s the ticket. Now, there there. I have friends who are Australian comedians, and funny ones, too! But still. You cannot make a case for stealing a comedian’s original act and passing it off as your own. Telling timeless street jokes? Go ahead, Gilbert Gottfried! But joke stealing? Nope. Not here. Please try your hand at a different line of work....

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On Kimmel, Louis CK addresses the comedy community’s “mean hatred” toward “boat acts”

Louis CK brought up several disturbing things on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, among them tampon stealing and diarrhea. Oh, and comedians who work on cruise ships. About halfway through this clip, Louis CK explains how he got to introduce his daughters to the concept of cruise ships, and how his work as a stand-up comedian differs from those stand-ups who work the cruise-ship circuit. As he tells Kimmel: “Comedians have a mean hatred of cruise-ship comics. It’s just a mean prejudice. We call ’em boat acts. It’s just mean. ‘Boat act!’ Cause they pander. We just think they’re crap. And it’s just something you just feel, it’s like being born racist, you just believe it, you don’t question it, it’s just a thing in you. So my daughter is like, ‘Have you ever worked on a cruise ship?’ I’m like, ‘Nooo!’ And she says, ‘Why not?! Why wouldn’t you want to be on a boat?’ And I’m like, ‘Well, that’s a different kind of comic.’ She says, ‘Well, what’s different about them?’ I said, ‘Well, a cruise ship comic just tries to please everybody.’ And she’s like, ‘Why wouldn’t you want to do that? Of course! Isn’t that what you want to do?’ ‘Yes, but I, see, some things I say onstage might upset some people.’ ‘Why would you upset people?! That’s a terrible thing to...

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