Day: June 24, 2011

Just one more thing: Kevin Pollak as Lt. Columbo (RIP Peter Falk)

Actor Peter Falk died last night at the age of 83. Younger people may only know of Falk as the grandfather storyteller from The Princess Bride, but everyone else pretty much knew him as Lt. Columbo, the clever rumpled police detective he began playing on TV in the 1970s. Comedian Kevin Pollak has been doing a Falk/Columbo impersonation for decades, too. Here he is from a 1991 special. And here’s the real deal Peter Falk playing Columbo for a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast of Frank Sinatra in the late 1970s. Roll it! Falk also was great in such flicks as The In-Laws, The Brink’s Job and Wings of Desire. He won a Tony, a Golden Globe, five Emmys and was nominated twice for an Academy Award (for 1960’s Murder, Inc. and 1961’s Pocketful of Miracles). And he did it all with a glass eye. Rest in...

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If a drunk Parisien thought you were Bruce Willis, what would you do? Jon Benjamin tells Jimmy Fallon

This clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is cut weirdly for time, so if you didn’t watch the entire episode last night, you’re not entirely sure why Jon Benjamin’s shirt is wet, nor do you ever really get to learn that much about his Comedy Central series, Jon Benjamin Has a Van. You do learn, however, what happened years ago when Jon Benjamin went to Paris and had a drunk guy confuse him for Bruce Willis. Because, obviously. I bet you cannot guess how this story ends. Roll the...

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On Conan, Nick Kroll explains the origins of Bobby Bottleservice, El Chupacabra and his first stand-up gig

On last night’s episode of Conan, comedian/actor Nick Kroll showed off a bit of his Latino radio DJ, El Chupacabra, explained a clip of him as Bobby Bottleservice, and told Conan O’Brien about the first time he ever performed stand-up in college, and how that didn’t go quite as planned. If you want some classic El Chupacabra in action, I captured Kroll on video during an early episode of WTF with Marc Maron. If you want to see Kroll’s appearance on Conan last night, then just roll the...

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