Day: June 21, 2011

Tracy Morgan returns to Nashville for a very public, very staged apology about his gay “joke”

How are we still talking about the latest dumb thing to come out of Tracy Morgan’s mouth? Because he wasn’t kidding about getting you pregnant behind the dumpster, but stabbing a fictional son for being gay. And even more so because one gay fan’s Facebook post reacting to Morgan got GLAAD up in arms, and even more so than that, because Morgan would like to keep his well-paying job on NBC’s 30 Rock. So after first meeting with homeless gay teens in New York City, Morgan ventured back to Nashville — the scene of his so-called comedy crime — to deliver a very public apology. With the gay fan in attendance. Roll the clip, courtesy of the...

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What makes a comedy act unique? Jim Tavare wants Sid Bowfin to explain himself

You may have seen Jim Tavare on the sitcom Wings many moons ago, on NBC’s Last Comic Standing more recently than that, or even in a comedy club near you. He’s difficult to forget. Bald guy. In black tie. Playing the cello. So what happens when another British guy does essentially the same shtick? Jim Tavare has been on a Twitter tear today wondering what to make of Sid Bowfin. So far, he’s been telling friends and colleagues that Bowfin has “cloned my stage image, premise behind my act, website.” Hmmm. What to do, what to do. This is Tavare’s landing page online. And this is Bowfin’s. Certainly identical fonts and layouts going on there. And Tavare notes that many of Bowfin’s photos show him sporting a full head of hair until recently adopting the same bald look. What about what they look like onstage with a microphone malfunction? Is there room in the comedy world for more than one bald man in black tie to play the strings for laughs? I’ll let you watch these videos and then let your fight-or-flight instincts kick in,...

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Enjoy this deleted scene from the pilot of “Louie” and buy the first season of Louis CK’s FX sitcom on DVD

Louis CK just posted this deleted scene from the pilot of his FX sitcom, Louie. It features himself, Todd Barry, Nick DiPaolo and Rick Shapiro sitting in a booth in the Olive Tree Cafe above the Comedy Cellar, trying to get the attention of a waitress (played by Rachel Feinstein) and imagining the lives of the restaurant staff. Todd Barry makes fun of Louis CK. Nick DiPaolo says something bigoted. Rick Shapiro goes off the rails. So. You know. About what you’d expect out. Roll the clip! This scene and everything else from season one is out on DVD now. The second season of Louie starts on FX this Thursday at 10:30 p.m. Eastern/Pacific. You can catch up with a few episodes on the FX site now if you need...

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FYI: Jeff Dunham has sold more than 7 million DVDs

Just thought Jeff Dunham’s publicists would want you to know… The ventriloquist now has sold more than seven million DVDs worldwide of his four current titles — “Arguing with Myself,” “Spark of Insanity,” “A Very Special Christmas Special” and his Comedy Central series, “The Jeff Dunham Show” — with a fifth one (his fourth special, “Controlled Chaos”) to be released in September 2011. Dunham also has been the top-grossing live comedy act on the road for three years in a row in North America (and the past two years globally). So stick your hand in a puppet and make it say offensive things you’d never ever dream of saying or believing yourself if you want to be tops in comedy in 2011,...

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On Conan, Tom Segura breaks down the three different types of stupid, and also face tattoos

Tom Segura spends way too much time in downtown Los Angeles, which isn’t like spending time in your downtown, as he explained last night on Conan. Segura also explained what it means to have a face tattoo (not from his own personal experience, though), and how there are three different kinds of stupid people. Let him break it down for you. Roll...

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