Day: June 20, 2011

Happy birthday Birbigs! Last week to catch Mike Birbiglia’s My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend at Barrow Street

It’s Mike Birbiglia’s birthday today. Happy birthday, Birbigs! It’s also the final weekend for his successful one-man show, Mike Birbiglia’s My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, enjoying an off-Broadway run at the Barrow Street Theatre. Here’s ticket info for the final weekend of shows June 24-25, 2011. Birbigs won the Lucille Lortel Award this spring for outstanding one-person show, and deservedly so. Even more emotionally engaging than his previous one-man show, Sleepwalk With Me, Birbiglia explores his path love, happiness and marriage — despite his long-seated misgivings about the latter and his struggles to find the former. You may have heard some chapters of this story as Birbiglia told them on radio’s This American Life or late-night TV spots. This, for instance, is Birbiglia’s story about his first girlfriend, as told on This American Life episode #374. And on Jimmy Kimmel Live last fall, Birbiglia talked about an even earlier experience with a girl and a ride on the Scrambler. There’s plenty of humor in these stories, but they’re also counterbalanced by a weight that hits close to every heart. When he recently appeared on Late Show with David Letterman, Birbiglia performed a piece of his pre-show routine, in which he lets audience members to know to turn off their cell phones by joking about his own experiences with the phone company. It’s a nice touch, and allows Birbiglia to warm up...

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Poor sports: Comedy Central cancels both Sports Show with Norm Macdonald and Onion SportsDome

Tough case of the Mondays for fans of sports-themed comedy news programs, as Comedy Central decided not to renew either of its new series — canceling both Sports Show with Norm Macdonald and Onion SportsDome. I cannot say I’m surprised. More people were watching A&E’s Storage Wars than they were Macdonald. And for all of the comedians I know who love Norm, none of them reside within Comedy Central’s target demographic of man-boys 18-24. Besides, anyone who has been paying attention to the the basic cable network recently has known that when they like a new series, they often renew it before the initial episode order is up, touting the show’s ratings in men 18-24 as proof. See: Workaholics. See: What I wrote about Workaholics getting renewed. Macdonald, who couldn’t stop abusing his Twitter feed during the U.S. Open golf tournament this weekend, hasn’t commented there yet about his show’s cancellation. He did, however, make a few comments to Entertainment Weekly. Among his ideas: ‚ÄúAn Internet campaign to save the show, almost like they do with shows about witches and vampires and aliens from outer space‚Ķ. Maybe I‚Äôll call [the network] and ask them to bring it back. I‚Äôll say, ‚ÄòJust bring it back. How much could it hurt television, really?‚Äô‚Äù As for Onion SportsDome, which hadn’t been on the air in months anyhow, its inaugural season was a...

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Move over, Duggars. Here comes’s “Kid Farm,” with background from co-creator Jamie Lee

A year after they released the pilot for Kid Farm, Jamie Lee, Pete Holmes and the Front Page Films gang are back with a full webseries about the family that just keeps on reproducing. No, not the Duggars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting. It’s Bill and Jean Engvall. No. Not that Bill Engvall. Just watch the first two episodes and you’ll get the drift. The action begins as the Engvalls get ready to welcome their 18th child to the family. Holmes, as Bill Engvall, is in full “fun Dad” mode, and then some! Katina Corrao plays his busy wife, Jean. And Episode 3 also is available, so let’s watch that, and then find out how this all came about, via Kid Farm co-creator Jamie Lee! So, the inspiration for Kid Farm is fairly obvious. How did you and Pete go about creating it, and then turning it into a webseries? And how many episodes can we look forward to seeing? “I had tried writing a bit about the Duggars for my stand-up, but there was just so much to joke about, too much really. I remember trying it once at an open mic. It ate up my entire allotted 5 minutes and I had only gotten through half of what I wanted to talk about. Right around that time, I introduced Pete to the TLC show (he also...

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Cash Cab’s Ben Bailey wins 2nd consecutive Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host

Congratulations to stand-up comedian Ben Bailey, who last night won his second consecutive Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host for his work on Discovery’s Cash Cab. When the presenters read his name during the live ceremony in Las Vegas, it took a while for Bailey to emerge to accept his award. Why? Turns out he was backstage in the men’s room. No joke. Bailey said so during his acceptance speech, and then again when CBS gave him a chance to talk to the network’s Thank You Cam for YouTube. Roll the...

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Jon Stewart tells Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday: “I’m a comedian…I’m not an ideologue.”

Chris Wallace invited Jon Stewart to his Sunday-morning talk show, FOX News Sunday, with aims to prove that The Daily Show host not only has political intentions himself but also has a specific political point of view. Only Stewart wouldn’t buy into Wallace’s agenda, telling him: “I’m a comedian, and my comedy is informed by ideology. But I’m not an ideologue.” Wallace hoped time and again that Stewart would say that the “mainstream media” has an inherent liberal bias, and that Stewart buys into that. But the comedian replied consistently that his view instead is that too many media outlets are merely lazy and go for the easy stories, the sensational stories and the stories that provide clear conflicts to push the viewers buttons. Stewart pointed to Nancy Pelosi’s recent press conference, which the 24-hour news networks all cut away from as soon as Pelosi talked about jobs instead of Congressman Anthony Weiner. “What’s your evidence of the partisan bias, again, and what I do?” Stewart said. “That’s the embarrassment. The embarrassment is that I’m given credibility in this world because of the disappointment that the public has in what the news media does.” Then he told Wallace that FOX News viewers are the most misinformed. Which Wallace responded to by pulling a clip from the Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson. Case closed? Here’s the full, unedited interview (not all...

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