Day: June 18, 2011

Stephen Colbert returns to his alma mater to deliver Northwestern University’s 2011 commencement

Plenty of great comedians have delivered graduation speeches to the college graduates of the class of 2011, and Stephen Colbert was no exception to the exceptional this week. Although Colbert, unlike say, Amy Poehler or Conan O’Brien, was talking to seniors at a college he had attended himself — Northwestern University — 25 years after he had graduated. Well, sort of. Colbert explains his own unique graduation moment, shows off his theater student abilities, finds a way to use the terms “brothel,” “prostitute” and “pimp” multiple times for the students, and reminds both himself and them how different things are for these kids today than when he was a college student. The second half of the speech includes the more predictable parts, as even he confesses, in which he dares to inspire them with advice. “You have been told to follow your dreams, but what if it’s a stupid dream?” Colbert asked. The dreams of a 21- or 22-year-old might not always be the right ones, or even the best ones. And so failing to live out that dream doesn’t make you a loser, Colbert says. “Fortunately dreams can change.” Colbert also draws upon his own background in improv comedy to talk about how as an actor, just as a person in real life, you should act as if everyone else in the scene is more important than you....

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Heard the one about the comedian kissing his girlfriend on the street in the Vancouver riot? Hear the full story

When the Boston Bruins won NHL’s Stanley Cup this week, I, for one, looked lovingly upon my Hartford Whalers gear and thought about what could have been in an alternate Fringe universe. The people of Vancouver, British Columbia, however, took to the streets and some rioted. With two notable exceptions. This photograph of a young man and woman, embracing on the street amid the rioting, got passed around the Internet as if it were this generation’s V-J Day Kiss of the century. The CBC tracked the couple down, and it turns out the young man is an aspiring stand-up comedian from Australia named Scott Jones who moved to Canada six months ago. His girlfriend is a Canadian student, Alex Thomas. Watch and listen as they put the photograph into proper context with the full story. Spoiler alert: Police knocked Thomas down to the street while clearing the crowd, and Jones was consoling her. Hear the full story: CBC News also obtained footage from an individual filming the scene from high above the street, in which you actually see the police knocking the couple down as they clear the roadway. And to balance that all off with the related comedy link, here is a clip of Jones doing stand-up. Roll it....

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