Day: June 17, 2011

Comic Cabana: Comedy Central’s 1997 launching pad for the Upright Citizens Brigade?

Comedy Central has gone through so many phases for how it goes about showcasing young comedic talent, that every so often, an idea becomes reality and years later, you wonder how, exactly. Such was Comic Cabana, the 1997 summer series on Comedy Central that may have been the first real TV credit for the Upright Citizens Brigade quartet of Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Matt Besser and Ian Roberts. It came a year before they’d get their own Comedy Central series and two before they could open up their own theater in New York City. In this episode, hosted and introduced by Anthony Clark, the UCB demonstrates how comedy would adapt some of its classic forms — the spit-take, the double-take and the pratfall — due to future changes in the Earth’s environment. Roll the clip, please! This came to my attention yesterday via a freshly-uploaded YouTube clip shared by Comedy Nerds United. If you want to have more fun, look through the 57 clips Comedy Central has archived from Comic Cabana on There’s a clip of young Greg Giraldo with one of his early bits about interacting with a homeless man. Also clips of Patton Oswalt, Todd Barry, Andy Kindler, Lizz Winstead, Lewis Black and more. I was spending most of my free nights in 1997 going to open mics and other stand-up shows in Seattle, and in those days, kids, we...

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On Conan: Watch Kyle Kinane regale his drunken taxi adventures, and learn the secret handshake

A year ago this week, I was trying to convince Kyle Kinane to submit to some spontaneous video interviewing during the TBS Just For Laughs Chicago comedy festival. Perhaps I should have asked him to go to Wendy's with me instead? Because last night, Kinane was on Conan talking about the perils of taking a taxi to a Wendy's (fun fact related reading? Judge John Hodgman's podcast episode on the matter of taking a taxi through a fast-food drive-through), and how he doesn't exactly have life by the balls. So to speak. Roll the clip! And make sure to hang in for the final moments when Conan O'Brien congratulates Kinane on his set....

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Never Not Funny: Jimmy Pardo gets in front of the Team Coco cameras; brings the Pardcast to NYC

Jimmy Pardo is bringing his Pardcast crew, aka Never Not Funny, to New York City for a live taping Saturday at the Gramercy Theatre with special guests. But before that, Pardo took some time to talk to The Comic's Comic about his ninth season of Never Not Funny (which just debuted last week — this week's episode of NNF features guest Al Madrigal), podcasting, and becoming a more visible presence on Conan, the show he has been warming up audiences for since O'Brien and company moved to the West Coast. You usually record Never Not Funny in a studio with just Matt Belknap, Pat Francis and your guest. I know you go live and public each year for your Pardcast-A-Thon for charity (related reading on Pardcast-A-Thon from 2009), but only sometimes go on the road in front of live audiences. How does the live audience impact the feel and flow of the podcast? "We've done them. We hit some festivals. We did the San Francisco (SF Sketchfest) the past three years. We did Vancouver. We did Bumbershoot. We're doing New York City … and then we're doing Denver in July. We've done maybe six in the past six months. It's neat to do. It's neat to do a live version of the show, and meet the fans. It's more about them coming out and geting to see us. We've been in their ears for the...

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Gotham Comedy Club signs deal to place videotaped stand-up comedy in a retail setting near you

Ever been shopping for clothes, or a soft drink, and thought, if only someone were nearby to tell me jokes? SeeSaw Networks was thinking just that, and earlier this week announced a deal with Gotham Comedy Club to put the New York City comedy club's content in SeeSaw's "place-based media network." ‚ÄúWe are very excited about our agreement with SeeSaw Networks‚Äù, said Gotham founder/owner Chris Mazzilli. ‚ÄúThis is a great opportunity for us to further the Gotham brand on a national level.‚Äù What does that mean, exactly? Well. Gotham will produce a short-form, 10-minute video package called "The Gotham Moment." Ten to twelve stand-up comedians will tell their jokes from the Gotham stage, and those jokes will be "clean, evergreen material appropriate for retail settings." So if you were thinking taxi cabs were just the start of video content invading your everyday experience, get ready to get a little bit closer to the future. As SeeSaw's founder, Monte Zweben, put it: ‚ÄúIn an era of exploding media choices, immersive content is the key difference between high audience engagement and active...

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Bonnie McFarlane finds Jim Breuer’s career in his mother’s basement

In her new webseries The W5, comedian Bonnie McFarlane promises to tell you the who, what, where, when and whys of comedy. And in this, her third episode with Cringe Humor, McFarlane goes where? Jim Breuer's mother's basement in New Jersey. Why? Because that's where Breuer has set up a radio studio and shop to help produce and distribute his material — and also McFarlane's upcoming documentary about women in comedy. When can you watch it? Now, or whenever you hit play. Roll it....

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