Day: June 10, 2011

Why Steve Coogan hates Twitter, even as he and Rob Brydon promote “The Trip”

Ben Kronberg recently sat down with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon to talk to them about their new movie, The Trip. But shortly after Brydon showcased his Bruce Springsteen impersonation, things took a turn, as one cheeky bastard called out another cheeky bastard. Roll it if you got it!   And if you'd like to enjoy a clip from The Trip, why not experience this bit in which Coogan and Brydon face off with dueling Michael Caine impersonations? The Trip is out today in two locations in NYC, and also four locations around Los...

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See Sacha Baron Cohen look very much unlike a dictator in this snapshot from “The Dictator”

OK, so, spoiler alert? Sacha Baron Cohen and director Larry Charles descended upon Astoria — the friendly neighborhood of Queens, NY — this week with cast and crew to film scenes for their next collaboration, the 2012 comedy, The Dictator. Paramount Pictures even released the first "official" photo from The Dictator yesterday to the media, with Cohen all done up in miltary garb and beard. Want to see what he looks like in the movie without the garb and beard? The film also has SBC playing an innocent goat herder who replaces the aforementioned Middle Eastern/North African dictator, and has the dictator trying to rebuild his life in New York City. Or something like that. Or nothing like that. Who really knows what the script is, or whether it truly is based on a novel ghostwritten by Saddam Hussein? It sounds as much like a variation on the 1993 Kevin Kline comedy, Dave, as anything else, really. But it is a scripted, above-board major motion picture, unlike the Borat and Bruno films. And the past two nights, SBC, Charles, and a cast and crew that has included waiters in fuzzy vests with T-shirts protesting the dictator, supporting actors, extras from the neighborhood, comedian Jason Mantzoukas (seen in full beard, walking behind Cohen in this paparazzi shot from a few days ago), another familiar famous comedian who I'm not sure...

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Bill Burr leads a nostalgic walking tour of NYC

Bill Burr, tour guide? In March, Burr led a driving tour around Los Angeles, where he has been living for the past couple of years when he's not on the road as a touring headliner comedian. In May, while back in New York City for a weekend of shows at Carolines, Burr hopped in a cab down to Greenwich Village, where he again leads a tour, this time on foot, and this time very nostalgic as he reminisces about living in NYC in the 1990s as a young stand-up and working at the Comedy Cellar, Cafe Wha and the old Boston Comedy Club (which no longer exists). As always with Burr, there is plenty of profanity-laced NSFW language. But he remains funny and engaging. In a way, this is a second take on his DVD extras from "Why I Do This?", in which he also led a walkabout. So. Come walk with Burr around NYC. Roll the clip!...

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Cross-promotion by Conan O’Brien and George Lopez on TBS promoted Erik Estrada the most

Last night on TBS, late-night neighbors Conan O'Brien and George Lopez paid a visit to each other's talk shows, in chronological order. First, Lopez guested on Conan. Then O'Brien guested on Lopez Tonight. Logistically, it's an easy cross-promotion to pull off, as they not only work for the same network but also work on the same Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, Calif. It's a walking commute. And as O'Brien told Lopez, that walk on the lot sometimes make him feel uncomfortable, as tours stop to point him out and expect him to offer an extra dose of entertainment. Earlier, on his show, O'Brien also teased Lopez for his behavior in the front row of NBA playoff games. But more than that. If anything, the cross-promotion really served to remind everyone that Lopez has a beef with Erik Estrada. Can it be healed? Do we need it to be healed? Roll the clips.  ...

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