Day: June 8, 2011

NBC will debut game show, “It’s Worth What?” with host Cedric the Entertainer, on July 12, 2011

Cedric the Entertainer hosts new NBC game show, It's Worth What?, which will debut at 8 p.m. (Eastern/Pacific) on July 12, 2011. A description from NBC: "Through set imagery and a never-ending flow of collectibles, antiques and near-priceless treasures, America is brought into a world of doors, behind which are various objects ranging from a life-size White House replica to William Shatner's kidney stone that was auctioned off for charity. A pair of contestants is taken through a series of six challenges that escalate in levels of difficulty. They're tasked with discerning the price of the items in each round. If they successfully complete the challenges, they can win up to $1 million. Talk about a priceless experience… or is...

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Join me @michaelianblack @JudahWorldChamp @SaraJBenincasa & @TheComedyStore on UStream

Just a quick programming note and reminder. In about an hour, or 2 p.m. Wednesday EDT, I'll be joined by Michael Ian Black, Judah Friedlander, Sara Benincasa and The Comedy Store's Alf LaMont for a free-wheeling discussion about comedy and the Internet for Internet Week NY. (Photo by Ryan Muir/Insider Images) The panel is called "Everyone's a Comedian," and you should be able to follow along via UStream at the #iwny live-streaming site. We talked about how the Internet has opened up the world of comedy to everybody and anybody, and how that is both a very good thing, and sometimes a problematic thing. And also other things. Twitter! Tumblr! YouTube! Witstream! Facebook! The Bronx Zoo Cobra! An obligatory Weiner reference up front, despite it being too easy! Just sit back and listen. Maybe you'll learn something. Hopefully you'll laugh. And there will be at least one moment while Judah talks that leaves us all slightly stunned. UPDATED with VIDEO! In case you missed it, or just want to relive it all over again…   Related reading: Gothamist talked to Judah Friedlander in advance of our panel. So did...

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Tim Minchin returns to Conan to perform “Prejudice”

When Tim Minchin made his American TV debut early this year on Conan, we learned that he had given some thought to performing his song, "Prejudice," but had second thoughts about it, according to Team Coco. Well, second time is the charm, then? Because Minchin returned to Conan last night, and did done perform the song then. If you get the chance, you really should see Tim Minchin's full headlining show live, because it's remarkable. Check his tour page — he's at Bonnaroo this weekend, and the TBS Just For Laughs Chicago festival next week. But if you have to make do with small doses on your TV/Internet box for now, well, so be it. Roll it!...

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Jon Stewart gets blood on his hand during mock press conference about Congressman Anthony Weiner

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart does not air live on Comedy Central, but they go with the first take anyhow. Which last night added another layer of comedy and drama to the proceedings, when, during a cold open bit in which Stewart held a press conference to apologize for not covering the actual press conference by his friend, Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner, Stewart broke a cocktail glass and cut open his right hand. So Stewart really did have blood on his hands over the Weiner penis-picture scandal! Roll the first clip.   What's also interesting is, after Stewart breaks the glass on the blender and says, "That's not good," how well Stewart and John Oliver ad-lib their way through the rest of the sketch. They remain committed to the bit, while at the same time, never losing sight of what's really dominating the scene....

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