Day: May 10, 2011

Mike Epps: You got served! Process server interrupts his comedy show with lawsuit paperwork

Remember how Mike Epps allegedly got into a fight with a photographer in a Detroit nightclub back in November, and then the photog filed a $1 million lawsuit against the comedian? Well, Epps must have been avoiding the lawsuit, because a process server had to walk up to the stage in the middle of his stand-up show last week in Texas to formally serve him notice of the suit. That's got to be worse than heckling, psychologically, at least. Gets right into his head. But this is what a process server does — not the heckling part, but the part in which you do whatever it takes to make sure the person named in a complaint or summons is notified officially and cannot claim ignorance about the suit. Not sure Epps handled this the best way, however, as a process server is not just any heckler. And what he said about his case was caught on videotape by TMZ. Roll the evidence....

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Major League Soccer sends its sales staffers to improv comedy classes

The Star-Tribune in Minneapolis followed along a group of Major League Soccer sales trainees to improv comedy classes and filed a report on it yesterday. Can you guess which one of these performers is the salesperson and which one is the comedian? Warning: This video is a literal "Yes, And" game. Roll it.   MLS began doing this last summer for a select number of applicants to its sales training program. Why? "Our motto is deadly serious, yet deadly playful," Bryant Pfeiffer, vice president of the league's club services, told the newspaper. "Sales is tough. You're expected to make a lot of calls and hear a lot of no's. The more fun you make it, the longer you can make people laugh, they stick with it and overcome the tough periods." Sales trainee Emily Morris added: "When you ask a person a question, they respond. You can't cancel out what they said. You have to build upon what they told you." As the Sports Show with Norm Macdonald blog (new episode tonight on Comedy Central!) guessed, this probably has some connection to Seattle Sounders co-owner Drew Carey. And as the Star-Tribune piece noted, several other companies also are sending their employees to improv companies around the country, hoping that they can bond, loosen up and listen better in the...

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Mike Birbiglia and his wife, Jenny, talk about one of their favorite movies and mine: “Real Genius”

One of the greatest comedy films of my life arrived in the summer of 1985. I'm speaking, of course, about Real Genius. What. You thought I was going to say 1985's box-office champ, Back to the Future? The Goonies? Fletch? Pee-wee's Big Adventure? Weird Science? Spies Like Us? Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment? Of course not that last one. Sorry, Bobcat. While I did watch Back to the Future several times and am known to sing "The Power of Love" in my head at any given time (likely to my crush Lea Thompson), and while I did watch Fletch enough times to quote it with my best friend, Real Genius held a special place in the hearts of me and my partner in academic crime through high school, as the two of us were the genius nerds of our class. My friend was the Chris Knight, while I was unfortunately more of a Mitch Taylor. But a cute Mitch Taylor. My God, I make myself sound like a Todd Glass bit. Anyhow. Enough about me. I'd rather have that dream "where I'm standing in sort of Sun God robes, on a pyramid, with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at me." Let's watch some clips of the movie, and let Mike Birbiglia and his wife, Jenny, talk about their common love of Real Genius with...

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The Double Dream Feet remix with Mike Birbiglia that you’ve all been waiting for

If you've seen the recent Sprint mobile phone ads voiced by the spirit wolf of Andy Samberg, then you're aware of this Double Dream Feet guy. What are the odds that somebody was a big enough fan of comedian Mike Birbiglia to remix him with Double Dream Feet and Crookers? Sorry, no odds. Not taking bets. Somebody already did done that. Roll the clip! REMIX!...

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Montreal’s 2011 Just For Laughs fest adds another week, announces initial list of headliners

In a live interactive press conference just now, Montreal's Just For Laughs comedy festival announced a string of headliners and other comedians who'll be performing this July. This year's fest is even longer than usual, with English language shows stretching all the way from July 11-31. The Galas, moving to Place Des Arts, will include: Russell Peters in "Best Night Ever" on July 28 with Jeremy Hotz, Jimmy Carr, Nick Thune, Sebastian Maniscalco and Dom Irrera. "I picked a bunch of guys who I find funny and are also friends of mine," Peters said. "The Tribute to Nerds" on July 29, featuring Chris Hardwick, Sammy J and others. Eric Stonestreet hosting "Modern Love: The Relationship Show," on July 29 with performers including Bob Marley, Debra DiGiovanni, Russell Kane, Robert Kelly and Tim Minchin. Craig Ferguson hosting "International House of Comedy" on July 30, featuring Russell Howard, Nina Conti, Adam Hills and others. John Oliver hosting "The Decline of the American Empire" on July 31, with performers including Marc Maron, Colin Quinn and Alonzo Bodden. What else? Louis CK, Daniel Tosh, Eddie Izzard, Jimmy Carr, Danny Bhoy and Tim Minchin. The Insider Series will include Picnicface, David Wain's Wainy Days, Colin Quinn's Long Story Short, Kevin Smith, and Kenny Hotz. Jeff Ross will host the Nasty Show and roast Montreal. "There will be nudity in the show," added festival programmer Robbie Praw. Other returning features...

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