Day: May 6, 2011

Ding Dong Meow (Cookie!), aka The Andrea Rosen Show

Andrea Rosen's current show at the UCB Theatre, "Ding Dong Meow," really should be called "Ding Dong Meow (Cookie!)" It's neither one-woman show nor performance art piece, but rather a showcase for Rosen's variety of talents as a comedian. Want to hear her stand-up comedy about true and often embarrassing stories from her life? Ding! Want to see her portray various oddball characters such as a half-deaf bride, an embarrassed mafia don or a kangaroo? Dong! Did you know that she writes consumer complaint letters when companies and restaurants let her down? Meow! Would you like a home-baked cookie? Cookie! Rosen life-changing revelations are funny, nauseating and downright sentimental. Thankfully more of the former and the latter than the middle part. Did I mention her cookies! "Ding Dong Meow: The Andrea Rosen Show" at the UCB Theatre in New York City. Shows scheduled May 6 and May 27,...

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What joke is Jerry Seinfeld currently trying to figure out? He tells Tom Papa only on SiriusXM

If you thought listening to Jerry Seinfeld talk funny for an hour on HBO with Chris Rock, Louis CK and Ricky Gervais was something; if you thought seeing Seinfeld debut his own website today was something; well, this is something else entirely — a revealing look into Seinfeld's career and thought process, as only a close friend like his stand-up touring & Marriage Ref partner Tom Papa could get. Which is exactly what you'll be able to hear tonight on SiriusXM's Raw Dog Comedy channel. It's part of a limited-run series of chats called "Come to Papa," and debuts tonight at 6 p.m., with rebroadcasts tomorrow at 4 p.m. and again 9 p.m. (all times Eastern). For a tease, find out what bit Seinfeld is currently wrestling with to figure out the jokes. What is the deal with tuxedos? Roll the clip:...

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Christopher Titus enlists fellow headliners for a benefit in Los Angeles for at-risk children

Christopher Titus has a special message for you about the needs of children. Roll it.   Yes, the video may be a joke, but Titus is serious about helping kids. He founded a nonprofit volunteer organization called In-sight Youth Project, and on Saturday, May 7, Titus has gotten Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon to join him in a benefit show, "Laugh You‚Äôre A$$ Off, Save The World,‚Äù to help at-risk children through Los Angeles' Olive Crest program. Jillian Barberie will host the show at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, Calif. — tickets from $35-$250 are tax-deductible and can be purchased at or by calling (818) 243-2538. Explained Titus: "Children are our future is just a song. In-Sight Youth was set out to help organizations that help older foster kids become adults, kids who have their adult hoods ‚ÄòIn Sight.‚Äô And let‚Äôs not forget, 14 to 18 year old kids are our immediate future.  It just won‚Äôt fit into a song lyric.  We help kids from 8 to 18, kids who have been through 22 foster homes but were not taught the skills for the real world.  We raise money for groups, like Olive Crest, who give these kids a real shot at a powerful life.‚Äù Coincidentally, Titus also is taping a new special tonight, to be broadcast on Comedy Central this...

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Nostalgia: The Cinco de Mayo that had Carl Warmenhoven written all over it

This year's May 5 may have been really fun for me personally, but it still has a way to go to match the Cinco de Mayo when I hosted the Seattle Underground open mic, with this lineup written and prepared by Carl Warmenhoven. The only names missing from that list from that year are Brody Stevens (who had just escaped to NYC, although his former TV partner, Teina Manu, performed) and Joel McHale — yes, that Joel McHale from NBC's Community and E!'s The Soup (who was performing improv and sketch in Seattle, but hadn't yet done stand-up). How many names do you know and love on this list? Related: A Warmenhoven Festival of Warmth continues this week in...

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