Day: May 5, 2011

Nick DiPaolo talks about hitting the “Raw Nerve” with audiences for his new CD and Showtime special

After 23 years in stand-up comedy, Nick DiPaolo only just now has put out his first hourlong special, "Raw Nerve," which premiered last weekend on Showtime and is available now on CD. I talked to DiPaolo after it aired. But first, let's take a look at the special. Here's a timely clip about DiPaolo's take on the Obama Administration and torture. Timely, right? Roll it.   Big weekend, eh? Your special is on Showtime, sandwiched in between President Barack Obama's White House dinner hijinx and killing Osama bin Laden. "Obama's a real cowboy, huh? I think it's way overdo, don't you? It didn't take me that long to find my wife's g-spot. Enjoy that virgin pussy, fucker." Did you also catch the White House Correspondents Dinner video? "I caught clips here and there on the news. Some of it was really funny. Obama's got a great delivery. He's a great speaker. He does it real smooth, so he sticks the knife in real smooth. It was funny when he was zinging Trump. I thought Seth Meyers did a great job zinging Trump, too. I thought it was a cardboard cutout. (Trump) didn't move. He wasn't blinking. He was just staring. That's pretty ballsy, isn't it? To question the whole president birther thing and then show up? I think that's all good. And Seth Meyers is good, too. I like him. It...

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Comedy Central launches “The Download,” an online tech talk show hosted by Jordan Rubin

You probably already follow comedian Jordan Rubin on Twitter @jordanrubin. Now you can see and hear Rubin talk with celebrities and comedians in his very own Comedy Central online tech talk show, "The Download." With sidekick Molly McAleer (@molls), Rubin hosts the first four weekly installments of "The Download," with lots of funny talk about the Internet, social media and gadgets. Confirmed guests include actor Jerry O‚ÄôConnell, DJ Samantha Ronson, musician Money Mark, comedians Morgan Murphy and Rob Delaney and internet sensation Justine Ezarik, aka iJustine. Especially confirmed is O'Connell, who appears in today's debut episode.   "The Download" is sponsored by Samsung and its Smart TV, although if you watched the first episode, you probably already figured that out, since you said, "What's a Smart TV?"  ...

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