Day: April 18, 2011

Whitest Kids U’Know, Channel 101, Marvel Comics and URDB headline 7th SketchFest NYC this June

SketchFest NYC has announced featured acts for its upcoming seventh annual celebration of comedy, to be held June 8-11, 2011, at the UCB Theatre. Regular UCB staples such as CollegeHumor Live and The Rejection Show will have slots in the lineup, with Jon Friedman's Rejection Show presenting the ‚ÄòSketchFest NYC Closing Night Craptacular‚Äô of sketches from the festival's groups. Among the other highlights: The Whitest Kids U'Know, who launched their fifth and final season on IFC over the weeekend, not only will perform live together, but also host a panel looking back on their TV career. URDB, the Universal Record Database, will host a live showcase of performers setting new and unusual world records. Channel 101 will bring its monthly screenings of five-minute TV shows to the fest. And Marvel Comics Presents "What The?" with stop-motion animation and action...

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META! Comedian who asked YouTube for $1 million now writes for TV’s “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

Craig Rowin, the comedian and Upright Citizens Brigade improviser who recently grabbed a lot of press and attention when he boldly asked everyone via YouTube to give him $1 million and received it (only to reveal it was all a hoax), is now writing the questions for the ABC game show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Seriously. Really. No joke this time. I caught up with Rowin over the weekend. "It's crazy," Rowin told me. "It's awesome." And to answer your other questions: NO, he did not ask for the TV writing gig via YouTube; YES he submitted a writing packet through traditional means; YES, the show's producers know about his million-dollar stunt; and NO, he doesn't plan on pulling a fast one on you this...

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Number crunch: How many women write for late-night TV comedy in the U.S.?

Statette delivers the hard stats via this graphic. Don't shoot the messengers! NOTE: This list does not include the writing staffs for George Lopez (Lopez Tonight, TBS) or Mo'Nique (The Mo'Nique Show, BET). And if you want to really jump into the rabbit hole, try to break down the stats further by race/ethnicity and/or how many white men, how many from a particular college, how many got writing jobs after first working as interns on the show, and how many of them owe me...

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Inside the mind of a marathon runner

The 115th Boston Marathon is underway, and if you've never run 26.2 miles before, then you may wonder what that could possibly be like. The funny folks at Boston's Improv Asylum have gotten inside the head of a marathon runner to bring you this special POV of the run from Hopkinton, Mass., all the way to Boston. Roll the clip!...

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