Day: April 16, 2011

Back in football pads, comedian Bill Dawes plays Paul Hornung in Broadway’s production of “Lombardi”

It only seems like Broadway has been taken over this spring by comedians. Chris Rock. Robin Williams. Jim Gaffigan. A musical from the South Park guys. Colin Quinn and Pee-wee Herman just wrapped up their shows. Kathy Griffin made a brash short-term bid for a Tony, too. But none of them have performed on Broadway as much in 2011 as Bill Dawes had, and he's often following up his shows with late-night stand-up comedy sets around Manhattan (just before midnight tonight, he'll be on the bill at Gotham Comedy Club). Dawes plays NFL Hall of Fame halfback Paul Hornung in the Broadway production of Lombardi, which stars Dan Lauria as the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers and Judith Light as his wife. With more than 200 shows under their belts, Dawes says they've got the longest-running Broadway play right now. As a stand-up, Dawes has toured military bases with the USO, opened and written for Jamie Kennedy, and often works the Laugh Factory when he's in Los Angeles. I spoke with Dawes earlier this week about pulling double duty as a stand-up comedian and Broadway actor. Disclosure: Dawes and I played college football together. How does it feel to put on football pads again every night? "It feeels good, man. Luckily. My biggest fear was that people wouldn't believe me looking like a footbal player." I believe you....

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From comedy club to podcast hub: Kevin Smith’s partnership/friendly takeover of Jon Lovitz’s venue

As podcasting becomes more mainstream and popular, we're starting to see comedy clubs and theaters embracing them and hosting live broadcasts of the podcasts. Marc Maron has been doing this for his WTF show for a while now, and comedy festivals have followed suit. Kevin Smith has taken it a step further, announcing yesterday that his SModcastle had grown popular enough to move from its original 50-seat venue in Hollywood to the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Universal CityWalk. Smith noted fondly that Lovitz's place, back when it was a B.B. King's, had hosted his premiere party for Mallrats in 1995. Smith also said that his partnership with Lovitz would extend not only to hosting Smith's various podcasts, but also reaching out to other popular podcasters such as Maron and Chris Hardwick — and one with Lovitz himself called "The ABC's of SNL," which Smith said would "reminisce with anybody who ever had anything to do with Saturday Night Live." You can read his whole take here. Smith summed up the move thusly: SModcastle has grown up very quickly and delivered us to the big leagues: motherfucking CITYWALK! But more than that? It‚Äôs put us into business with a guy who spent years making us laugh. As a huge SNL nerd who always dreamed of writing for the show when he was a kid, that‚Äôs pretty awesome and poetic. And based on what it‚Äôs done...

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Tommy Johnagin on Late Show with David Letterman, minus the Tina Fey reference

The YouTube description by CBS of Tommy Johnagin's performance on Friday's Late Show with David Letterman reads, "Watch the comedian's entire stand-up act from Friday, April 15, 2011." Well, that's not entirely true. The clip cuts off Johnagin's opening remarks of self-deprecation, in which he points out that he was the third part of your dream comedy night that included Letterman and first guest Tina Fey. Still, solid stuff. And you'll learn something about kissing, too. Roll it!...

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