Day: April 11, 2011

Proops, Stiles, Mochrie and Kinney talk up reuniting for Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, debuts tonight on GSN

We never did find out Whose Line Is It Anyway? But the gang's all back together again to perform short-form improv games, only this time they're on a big Vegas resort stage (at the MGM Grand) and it's all for Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza, which debuts tonight at 8 and 11, airing weeknights on GSN, aka the Game Show Network. Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie and Kathy Kinney talked up the new series recently, but before we hear their thoughts, let's look at a promotional clip! So what makes them want to work with Drew Carey again? Kathy Kinney: "Well, I was just going to say, Drew Carey‚Äîwe were all there when Drew got addicted to improv. We heard the click and he has created these venues, places for us to just come and do the improv with, and because he‚Äôs loyal like a big wet dog, you know, he just always invites us all to come play with him. That‚Äôs my story. I‚Äôm sticking to it." Colin Mochrie: "And I have pictures of him dressed as a big wet dog, so he tends to hire me for anything." Ryan Stiles: "If Drew asks, we do it. We went overseas with him. If Drew asks, you want to do it. you want to please him Kinney: "It's just about loyalty." And how exactly will this be different from Whose Line is...

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Winners of The Comedy Awards 2011

In case you missed it either when they taped The Comedy Awards in late March, or when the ceremony aired April 10 on Comedy Central and its partner MTV Networks stations, here is the full list of winners from the inaugural edition: Comedy Film: The Other Guys Sketch Comedy/Alternative Comedy Series: Childrens' Hospital Comedy Actor, TV: Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock Animated Comedy Series: South Park Best Viral Original: Auto-Tune The News, The Gregory Brothers (for "Antoine Dodson" aka "Bed Intruder Song") Comedy Writing, TV: 30 Rock Comedy Director, Film: Edgar Wright, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Comedy Series, TV: Modern Family Stand-Up Comedy Special: Louis CK, Hilarious Late-Night Comedy Series: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Comedy Actress, TV: Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live Comedy Actor, Film: Zach Galifianakis, Dinner For Schmucks Comedy Screenplay: Hot Tub Time Machine Comedy Actress, Film: Tina Fey, Date Night Breakthrough Performer: Daniel Tosh Johnny Carson Award: David Letterman Comedy Icon Award: Eddie Murphy Attending the taping, I really got the feeling that they tried to make this a legit awards show that could continue on for many years. Pre-taping was a good idea because it allowed them to skip over categories in which the winners weren't there, or when presenters drunkenly rambled (or should we have seen all of that on air?). They didn't make it quite clear during the broadcast what exactly...

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How is a Tweet made? BriTANicK shows us how

Comedy duo BriTANicK makes funny videos. For the inaugural edition of The Comedy Awards, BriTANick not only was nominated in the category of Best Viral Original, but they also made some additional original content just for the awards. Such as this one. Here Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher explain how Twitter works. Roll the clip!       And here was the clip that earned them a nomination for Best Viral Original in The Comedy Awards, which just so happens to be the trailer to every Academy Award nominated film. Roll it!...

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SNL #36.19 RECAP: Host Helen Mirren, musical guest Foo Fighters

This weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live had a couple of things going for it, and I'm not talking about those things. Not that SNL could avoid the temptation of sexually-charged humor at the expense of host Helen Mirren's breasts. Although I suppose it's the smallest of victories that the show went that route and didn't point out Mirren's age? Like I said. Small victories. Take 'em where you can get 'em. So. How many small victories did we win as audience members this time around? Let's recap!   We began auspiciously, then, when Fred Armisen opened the show cold once again as President Barack Obama. Sure. The government shutdown was supposed to take effect Saturday, and Congress reached an agreement with Obama just before the deadline. It's topical. It's unavoidable. And yet. I know, I know. They probably had to rewrite this at the last minute, too. And yet. The joke is that everybody is unhappy? Around halfway through, it just loses steam. Maybe it was the joke about the Congressman unhappy about being in a loveless marriage? If not then, then definitely with the penultimate dig at SNL. Yikes. Helen Mirren's monologue went straight from a Queen joke to her sexy photos, to a musical number featuring all of the men in the cast in sailor suits. Light, upbeat, costume changes. All-around nice. But I guess they...

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SNL #36.18 RECAP: Host and musical guest Elton John, with Tom Hanks, Will Forte & Carmelo Anthony

Remember last spring, when not-quite spring chicken Betty White was going to host Saturday Night Live, and some people loved seeing the elderly actress do it, while others thought, isn't she a bit old to be hosting a 90-minute live TV show? Well, SNL figured out how to ease Betty White's burden by surrounding her with additional talent. Now remember last week, when aging queen Elton John was going to host SNL and be its musical guest, and some people loved the idea, while others thought What Up With That? Well, SNL used the same formula for Sir Elton John, bringing in veteran SNL host Tom Hanks, bringing back Will Forte, and bringing in new New York Knick Carmelo Anthony just because, and also Jake Gyllenhaal because he had a new movie to promote, but that wasn't enough to give him the hosting gig. So. How did that all work out? About as well as you might have expected. Meaning: Sort of. Sir Elton John did a really great job of standing in one spot and looking at his cue cards. The show made use of his personal and professional life to find plenty of jokes about gay people, rich people, the Royal Family, and Broadway. Yay? But any good recap begins at the beginning, so let's get to it.   We open with The Lawrence Welk Show, or...

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