Day: April 8, 2011

Christian Finnegan interviewed the stars on the red carpet for The Comedy Awards, so I interviewed him!

Speaking of The Comedy Awards, which air Sunday, April 10, 2011, on Comedy Central, Vh1, Spike, TV Land, Logo and Nick at Nite… The telecast will start early online with the Webcast Pre-Show with Andy Daly, Jen Kirkman and Christian Finnegan starting at 8:45/9:45c. They'll have Red Carpet interviews and funny intermissions throughout the evening. Finnegan scored the final spot on the red carpet with a customized podium, monitors, backdrop and crew, so he managed to talk to just about everybody who showed up. See him here looking very professional while chatting up The Daily Show's correspondent Olivia Munn (who looked even more amazing than my iPhone 3G can capture). Finnegan's black-tie charm, on the other hand, gets an extra boost through the use of my handheld video camera. Bloggie! In between his interviews, I interviewed him. Roll the clip!  ...

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Entertainment fund chiefs pen op-ed urging need to raise money for American Comedy Fund

The Comedy Awards, airing Sunday on multiple Viacom networks, aren't just about celebrating great work by comedians and comedic actors over the past year. They're also a chance to help out our fellow comedians in need. MTV Networks and Comedy Central have helped launch the American Comedy Fund, which will be administered by the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), The Actors Fund and Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF) to provide much-needed social services, emergency assistance, health care, insurance, housing, and employment and training services for those comedic performers who qualify during times of need, crisis or transition. In this letter, the chiefs of these three organizations spell out why it's important to give money to the American Comedy Fund in this time of global economic crisis. I've reprinted it in full after the jump. "Knights of Comedy: An American Dream or Impossible Dream" From Bob Hope in the sixties to Steve Byrne and Ryan Dalton performing comedy for American service members over the Christmas holiday in a tent at Camp Marmal, Afghanistan, comedians have had a long history of donning Don Quixote‚Äôs ‚Äúhelmet of membrino‚Äù as their battle gear to perform on the front lines and entertain our troops abroad during wartime.   Comedians have also been the first in line to perform and to help raise millions of dollars for Americans in need back at home, from Comic Relief...

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Worth the wait: “Charlie On Parole,” a short film starring TJ Miller

A few years ago, beast.Films made a short film starring TJ Miller as a guy named Charlie trying to make a life for himself after spending 10 years in prison. Their 22-minute short, Charlie On Parole, also stars Joe Wengert, Molly Ryman, Mitch Wissick, and Bobby Moynihan. Darren Miller, one of the film's writers/producers along with Kevin Mead and Paul Briganti, told me: "We decided that instead of releasing it through traditional distribution channels (trying to get it into festivals, sending it to studios, etc.) we wanted to see if we could make it successful just by putting it online and getting as many people as possible to see it." I saw it. I enjoyed it. Now you see it! Roll...

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Watch Tim Minchin’s animated beat poem, “Storm”

Storm is a woman Tim Minchin met. Her ideas about life got him going about medicine, religion, psychics, science and other matters. And now Minchin's beat poem has been animated. Roll it! Warning: Includes language that is not safe for workplaces and content that may not be safe for those with small minds....

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Colin & Brad: Two Man Group (DVD review)

As Drew Carey gets the improv comedy gang back together next week for the start of his new GSN series, Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza, you may have wondered what the rest of the gang has been up to since Whose Line is it Anyway? ended and Carey began hosting The Price is Right. Wayne Brady has joined Carey in the CBS daytime game-show lineup, taking over the reins of the revival of Let's Make a Deal. Ryan Stiles took on a recurring role on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. As for Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood? They've kept doing short-form improv games for audiences across North America, and they have a new DVD showcasing their efforts, Colin & Brad: Two Man Group. Filmed before a live audience in Milwaukee, it's more than a little bit gimmicky. Take, for example, this finale in which the duo performs barefoot and blindfolded while onstage with 270 mousetraps. Roll the clip!   As you can see, they're both clad in black. And outside of the final bit, Mochrie and Sherwood incorporate audience members into their improv comedy games, which include "Moving Bodies" and "Sound Effects." The latter scene showcases how well the two comics can work off of the oftentimes unpredictable sounds coming from the audience, which is more than often as audience members are not always the most reliable and professional...

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