Day: April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Greg Fitzsimmons! Let’s take a look at Fitzdog Radio’s “Talk Your Way Out of It!” game

Has everybody wished Greg Fitzimmons a happy birthday yet? If not, you still have time today. And what better time to take a look at a recurring feature from Fitzdog Radio's podcast called Talk Your Way Out of It, in which Greg puts his comedian guests in a hypothetically tricky situation and then asks them to, well, you know. Recent guests have included Zach Galifianakis, Larry Miller, Andy Dick and David Koechner. Last week's guest, Bill Burr, approached this game just as you might expect. Language and content is Not Safe For Work. Roll it!...

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Twin baby boys have a conversation: All grown up as Michael Chiklis and Patton Oswalt, yet still in diapers

This meme is all growns up now, as the "twin baby boys have a conversation" has been reimagined by Funny or Die as a sequel decades later, with Michael Chiklis and Patton Oswalt as the twins. For continuity's sake, I guess, they're still wearing diapers? You have to watch it through to the end. It's not what you think. Unless you were thinking it might be Not Safe For Work. In which case, roll it!   If you didn't see the original video that spawned millions of YouTube visits, then visit twin baby boys have a...

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Want to watch a unicorn serenade Sarah Silverman with Aerosmith’s “Angel”?

OK. How about this: Want to watch Sarah Silverman make out with a unicorn in a music video? This is not a trick question. Even if the unicorn is a stuffed animal. And that stuffed animal is singing "Angel" by Aerosmith. I don't think any of that changes your answer. Part of the new "Serenading Unicorn" series, which is an online promotion for the Facebook page of Wrigley's chewing gum, Juicy Fruit. Roll the clip!   Fun fact to ponder: Whom do you think got paid more from Wrigley to do this promotion: Sarah Silverman or Steven...

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On Conan, Roy Wood Jr. explains how technology has ruined relationships and the art of the love letter

Last night on Conan, former Last Comic Standing finalist Roy Wood Jr. got a chance to show what he could do with five more minutes on late-night TV. His set, as suggested by the headline above, explored how technology and social media has ruined modern-day relationships as well as the art of the love letter. Also scores points for a shout-out to the late Mike DeStefano. Roy Wood Jr. is good in my book, and he should be in yours, too. Roll it!...

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