Day: March 30, 2011

Norm Macdonald wasn’t joking when he said he was on Letterman talking about Steve Martin’s Tweets.

Norm Macdonald got into a weird, public discussion with Steve Martin today on Twitter, and Macdonald even told Martin via Twitter that he mentioned it to David Letterman. Norm wasn't kidding. So to speak. He kids a lot. You know that. Here's the evidence, from tonight's Late Show with David Letterman.   Background: This is the first Tweet of Steve Martin's that Norm was reading. And this was the second one that confused him and...

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Pete Holmes on Conan: Smartphones make us dumb

The Internet reminded me that today is Pete Holmes' birthday. Happy birthday, Pete! You know what else the Internet, and specifically Google and iPhones, can tell us? Everything. There is a beauty in having any information at your fingertips at any time, but there also was a beautiful thing about the old-fashioned process of learning. In this recent clip from Conan, Holmes spells it out for us. Roll it!...

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Jake Johannsen on the curious case of the touring performer who has to file taxes

Seeing that Jake Johannsen was returning to New York City this weekend to perform at Gotham Comedy Club, and seeing that his most recent special from last year, I Love You, was playing on Showtime, I decided to catch it on the repeat overnight. Johannsen's bit about taxes, of course, is very timely right about now. And he makes some good, funny points. Here's a video one of his fans captured off of TV (which explains the video's quality). Roll the clip!   This is the part that any touring comedian (or musician) may feel most relevant: "So the accountant, he has my taxes, he has my information, for like two weeks or so. And then he mails me the packet of all the forms filled out, which is like that thick (fingers held apart) — no exaggeration — because every state I work in, I have to file a tax return, which is (audience groans) I know! It's ridiculous! I'm not, thank you for the sympathy, I'm just saying, I feel like I should be able to pay California, where I live, and then they should square up with the other states. When you get mugged by a gang of guys, you don't have to pay each individual guy. That's a service that they provide." I've never had to worry about this myself, but hearing Johannsen talk about...

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