Day: March 28, 2011

Official movie poster, trailer for The Hangover: Part II

You may have seen spoilers and whatnot about the upcoming movie sequel, The Hangover: Part II. Well, here's the official poster, out today, showing how Bangkok and a monkey in a jean jacket seem to have gotten the best of them. Bradley Cooper is laid out on the floor. Ed Helms has a face tattoo (clearly a link back to Mike Tyson from the first film!), while Zach Galifianakis has the top of his head shaved. Hmmm. Perhaps this official movie trailer puts it all into perspective? Roll it.   No? Well, you'll have to wait until Memorial Day weekend to find out what's what in a cinema near...

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Sunday before April Fool’s, both NYC tabloids dip their toes into the local comedy waters once more

If you caught a gander at the Sunday papers in New York City, then you noticed that both the Post and the Daily News have made their annual stabs at pretending to care about comedy. For the past few years, the Post has cast out its nets to round up the "best" jokes of the year, which as it has been previously, really just means the jokes that its reporters can get from comedians who reply in time to meet deadline. Not to disparage the comedians who got ink out of this, mind you. Plenty of my friends are included in the annual roundup. And I know how much the media coverage means to them. Just saying that this list of "150 best jests" is misleading. The Daily News, meanwhile, managed to be even more misleading with this cover tease for its features section. "Are these the funniest people in NYC?" No offense to Sam Morril, Adam Newman, Nick Cobb and Dan Soder, because they had nothing to do with this headline and posturing, but that's not why they had received the mainstream media attention. Nope. It's because they're the "Final Four" in this year's "March Madness" competition at Carolines. They're the funniest people out of the 64 comedians who entered this specific contest and earned enough audience approval to advance this far. I know all four of these...

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Too soon? Gilbert Gottfried has an answer for Aflac, and then some, in this new Funny or Die vieo

The tragic events in Japan, and Gilbert Gottfried's jokes about them on Twitter, prompted Aflac to fire him as the insurance company's talking spokesduck. Fair? Unfair? Well, Gottfried has apologized publicly about his jokes, but now he's responded as a comedian with this Funny or Die video, in which he reminds everyone that he has made cruel and unusually too soon jokes about every tragic event through history. Roll the clip!...

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SNL #36.17 RECAP: Host Zach Galifianakis, musical guest Jessie J.

Wasn't anywhere near a TV when Saturday Night Live brought Zach Galifianakis back to host for his second time on the March 12, 2011, episode, so I'm just catching up with it now in full. Well, then, let's get started!   The cold open is not overtly political, playing off of that week's "Selection Sunday" for the NCAA men's basketball tournament on CBS, with Kenan Thompson as Greg Gumbel and Jason Sudeikis playing Jim Nantz. But wait. They've taken basketball's March Madness and combined it with the world's "Actual Madness." Good call. Interestingly, when they reveal the brackets, they substitute Fred Armisen's face for Libya's Gaddafi, but keep the real faces for Egypt's Mubarak and the others in North Africa. I guess it's so as not to confuse the dummies watching on TV when they cut to Armisen as Gaddafi on set, being interviewed by Nasim Pedrad as CBS sports correspondent Tracy Wolfson. The D.C. bracket gets in both politicians and TV anchors, then cuts to Andy Samberg as Dick Vitale. Um, OK. You know that everybody who has ever watched college hoops has a Dick Vitale impersonation (and in the past few years, developed a Gus Johnson voice, TOO!!!!). The Hollywood bracket fits in all of the wacked-out celebs. Kristen Wiig keeps delivering Melissa Leo's Oscar speech. And Bill Hader is back as Charlie Sheen broadcasting live online....

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