Day: March 23, 2011

Audio: Listen to @marcmaron, @michaelianblack talk to me about Social Media and Comedy at SXSW

My very first live podcast, everybody, and it happened at SXSW's 2011 Interactive Festival! For those of you who missed the panel I moderated in Austin, "Social Media and Comedy: F**k Yeah!" or who just want to listen to it all over again, it was recorded for posterity. I asked Marc Maron, Michael Ian Black, Comedy Central's digital director Jordy Fox Ellner, The Comedy Store's Alf LaMont and Kambri Crews all about how the Internet has completely changed the game for comedians in the past few years. We talked about Twitter (obviously) but also MySpace (because it mattered) and more. The hour starts out rough, but only because I moderated the panel and opened in a manner that suggested I needed to watch The King's Speech first, and also because I want to do what I've already just done in this paragraph, which is to lower your expectations. Don't worry, though. Since we had a large screen hooked up to my laptop in the Hyatt's ballroom, I'll give you a few link cues to click on things during the discussion. Enjoy listening to "Social Media and Comedy: F**k Yeah!" live from SXSWi 2011. (12:55) Michael Ian Black replied to on Twitter (15:00) Marc Maron took a picture of himself on an airplane (17:20) Marc Maron's airplane photo and riffing became a story on (26:00) (52:50) Shout-outs...

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George Lopez branches out into comedy tour producing with Viva la Risa, tells me about it

After taping today's episode of Lopez Tonight, George Lopez will leave his TBS studio in Burbank and head down to the El Rey Theatre to host a live stand-up comedy showcase called Viva la Risa. Neal Brennan, Chris D'Elia, Dov Davidoff, Felipe Esparza, and Sebastian Maniscalco are all on the bill for what's called George Lopez's Viva la Risa Comedy Tour. Although it's not yet a tour. And the lineups will change. Why don't I let Lopez himself explain it? He spoke with me today on the phone. "It's one thing I wanted to do for a long time, then when I was doing my own shows. And I was working with AEG. AEG is my sole promoter. They've been with me throughout, during my touring and selling out arenas, and then as I was selling out theaters…I thought, I need to branch out, divide it. Viva la Risa is just one. Hopefully I'll have a couple of different tours that will split up and tour across America, and globally." "All of these guys are amazing, and they've all been on the show." How did you pick the lineup? "Listen, man. I'm from a different era. Doing the shows (Lopez Tonight), I don't get out to the clubs and see who's out there. Leanne (Leanne Elias, the show's talent booker) says 'Trust me.' And all of these guys are freaking hilarious. Let me use...

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About that pilot presentation for HBO starring Brody Stevens, and guest-starring Zach Galifianakis

So news is being spread today about the deal Zach Galifanakis made with HBO for a pilot presentation starring his friend Brody Stevens. About that: Steven Brody Stevens and his TV crew were filming in New York City a couple of weeks ago as Galifianakis was hosting SNL. They also followed Brody over to the Tell Your Friends! show, where he launched into his traditionally meta stand-up. Brody told me that the presentation episode takes us through a day in his life, from his chance encounters with Major League Baseball players and celebrities to stand-up showcases, with a plot revolving around a relative's birthday. Think of it as a Curb Your Enthusiasm with a twist. If you read The Comic's Comic, then you get it. If you need help, then watch this video interview Galifanakis did with Stevens in his movie trailer during the filming of Due Date. Consider this the prelude to the pilot presentation. Roll it!...

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