Day: February 25, 2011

Donald Trump reveals new hairdo in preemptive strike before his Comedy Central roast

Comedy Central has ramped up its promotional tactics in the past few years for its Roasts, allowing the subjects of said roasts to record videos in advance that suggest they're up for whatever jokes the comedians will make about them in jest. Donald Trump will be roasted by Comedy Central in March (air date: March 15), and in this new video, he reveals his shocking new hairdo.   If only this were true. It'd be fascinating to see him do a snapshot a day so we could see how that head of hair of his actually grows. And...

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Donald Glover, rapping as Childish Gambino, in the music video for “Freaks and Geeks” (and on tour)

Do you know Donald Glover only as one of the stars of NBC's sitcom, Community? Do you know Glover as a member of the sketch/improv comedy group Derrick? Yes and maybe. But do you also know Glover as rapper Childish Gambino? Well, now you do. Here he is with his track, "Freaks and Geeks," out today as a music video directed by Derrick cohort Dan Eckman. Note: Language is most definitely Not Safe For Work. Roll it!     What do you think? He's also taking his act on the road this spring on a nationwide tour, starting April 16 in Iowa through May 19 in Minneapolis. Tickets go on sale next week. I was just having a conversation with a comedian last night about careers, and he said he thinks the key is to just to do everything you can and see what sticks. Clearly, whatever Donald Glover seems to throw down is very very sticky....

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Listen to Jay Leno’s reaction to Howard Stern’s allegations, and other thoughts

Jay Leno was a stand-up comedian long before he was whomever you think he is now, and he's still the workaholic he has been for decades. In a new interview with City Pages in Minnesota's Twin Cities to promote an upcoming gig there, Leno reacted pretty fairly to recent allegations by Howard Stern that Leno had stolen joke ideas for The Tonight Show, among other things. Here's an audio excerpt, on video. Roll it!   Or if you prefer reading Leno's response: Well first of all, if you see, there's a special called Jay Leno American Dream Special I taped it in 1984, we did a segment called Jaywalking, where I go out and talk to people on the street. First of all, I did not invent that. Steve Allen was probably the first person on TV to do it, but people in radio did it, the New York Post did the "man on the street" interview. This is something that gets terribly overblown. I know a couple weeks ago Conan was accused of taking a piece from Kimmel; he didn't. It was Sarah Palin hunting, and they showed her aiming a gun, and I think every comic in America did Sarah Palin killing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. And the fact that two shows happened to have a similar idea, you don't have to see every show. it doesn't...

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Watch Kumail Nanjiani perform on Conan

Kumail Nanjiani has some thoughts and memories about movies to share, and share he did on last night's episode of Conan. Spoiler alert: Horror movies don't make him cry (he loves those), but other movies have. Nanjiani also recently had his first show in Orange County, Calif., and that was a horror show all its own. Roll the clip!...

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Jon Fisch’s “Dear Comix” letter

From last night's tribute show for the employees of Comix, NYC's comedy club which abruptly shut down earlier this month, as delivered by comedian Jon Fisch at the 92YTribeca: Dear Comix: I will miss you‚Ķ I will miss walking in and thinking I was at the wrong place only to realize moments later that it was just that the lounge was remodeled again. I will miss playing a game when my favorite staff members weren‚Äôt there: Day off or laid off? You provided job security akin to a season of The Apprentice. Your booker changed more times than the menu. By the way, best comped salmon in town. Just kidding, best salmon! Because of you, I had sex with 2 different ladies, opened for one of my comedy idols, Larry Miller, and went with Kambri to pick up Aries Spiers from jail the night he tit slapped a woman in the front row of his show. You opened the door to new comics, old comics, new ideas for shows, and long sets for New York comics, and our podcast, In the Tank. Plus, I‚Äôm pretty sure Sean L. McCarthy sleeps in the Green Room. You treated comics with respect, which is more often than not overlooked in this business. So thank you, thank you, to all of you that kept things going at Comix. Extra special thank you for having...

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