Day: February 11, 2011

As Egypt celebrates a revolutionary day, a special Follow Friday for Egyptian-American comedians

The Egyptian people have been celebrating day and night today upon hearing that their ruler of the past 30 years, Hosni Mubarak, had fled Cairo and given up his authority. My thoughts turned to the Egyptian-Americans I know, both civilian and comedian. Stand-up comedian Maria Shehata wrote earlier today: "Egyptians demonstrated peacefully and with so much respect and humor. I'm in awe and so happy for you Egypt!! #egypt #jan25" Screenwriter and UCBer Mohamed Fathelbab has been actively outspoken since the mass rallies and protests began a few weeks ago. One of his many comments today: "There are going to be a lot of Egyptian babies born 9 months from now. #Egypt #Jan25 #Feb11" Ahmed Ahmed kept it even simpler today: "Egypt is free!" Last summer, Al Jazeera TV put a spotlight on Egyptian-born comedian Ahmed Ahmed and his documentary, Just Like Us, which included several segments on his homeland, where he wasn't the only one to decide that Egyptians were and are the funniest people in the Middle East.   Related reading: My interview last year with Ahmed Ahmed about Just Like...

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Where are they now: Chris Wylde, piano-playing ad man in Super Bowl spots for Taco Bell, Budweiser

It has been a while since we've seen this much of comedian Chris Wylde in front of the camera. He co-created the 2010 Vh1 series, Dad Camp, sure. We all don't remember that. But what has Wylde done for us lately? Oh, you didn't watch the Super Bowl? Wylde showed up twice, both times behind the piano, in spots for Budweiser and Taco Bell. He's tinkling the ivories in the Wild West saloon when they break out into 1970s Elton John hit, "Tiny Dancer."   And in a larger campaign for Taco Bell, Wylde has become Buddy Mignon to sing the praises of the fast-food chain's Quad Steak Burrito. They've even created a short film just about his character. Roll it like a burrito!...

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