Day: February 8, 2011

Only in Larry the Cable Guy’s America: The comedian talks about his new History Channel series

The History Channel isn't just for Hitler anymore. Among the network's newer shows that look back on antique items, comes this newest one: Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy. The series debuts tonight. Here's a clip.   Not to be confused with Bob Saget's recent look at American subcultures for A&E, the first episode of Only in America, titled "Larry Makes Moonshine," sends the comedian to California for frog-jumping competitions (just like a modern-day Mark Twain?!?), to Vermont for etiquette lessons, and yes, into redneck country to learn and make moonshine with some good ol' boys. The comedian recently sat down (or stood, I don't know what he was doing since he was on a speakerphone) to answer questions about his TV series. Where did you get the idea for Only in America? Larry the Cable Guy:  Well, you know, they had called – they had this show, they called my manager, he called me and I said, ‚ÄúMan, that sounds good. I‚Äôm about as American as it comes.‚Äù You know, I grew up on a pig farm in southeast Nebraska and been living in Florida for 34 years so I said, ‚ÄúThis is a show I think I‚Äôd like to do.‚Äù I think it‚Äôs kind of cool too because I actually have a bit in my act where I talk about how I quit watching the news because...

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Fred Armisen and Kenan Thompson were on MSNBC today: Tuesday Noon Live is not quite SNL

There's so much news going on in the world, you guys, and a cable news network that's on 24/7 can only cover so much of it. Especially when you carve out three minutes at midday for an awkward live interview from MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer, featuring Saturday Night Live's Kenan Thompson and Fred Armisen in a separate studio within 30 Rock. Between trying to sneak in her own quips, Brewer asked Armisen about his impersonations of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak and U.S. President Barack Obama, and who Thompson and Armisen hope will run in 2012 just for the impersonations. Hmmm. OK. I suppose. Tuesday Noon Live isn't quite SNL, but for a few minutes, if you've got nothing better to report on the news, why not, right? Roll it....

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Bet on it: Norm MacDonald returning to TV in 2011, as host of “High Stakes Poker” on GSN

Norm MacDonald will be returning to your TV dial this month, but not in a sitcom nor in a "reality" show. Nope. Norm's the new host of GSN's High Stakes Poker, which opens its seventh season on Feb. 26. And you can see MacDonald and the poker action from the Bellagio in Vegas in 3D if you have DirecTV. Bonus? MacDonald is just the latest comedian to join the ranks of the Game Show Network. Sherri Shepard is hosting The Newlywed Game these days. Drew Carey's Improv-A-Gaza (Don't call it Whose Line is it Anyway?!) debuts on GSN on March 28. Larry Miller hosts Late Night Liars with a bunch of puppets on Friday nights. Bill Engvall, meanwhile, will take over from Chuck Woolery as the host of Lingo when it returns with new episodes in...

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