Day: February 2, 2011

Chris Elliott shows David Letterman how he hung out with NYPD to prep for Adult Swim series Eagleheart

Chris Elliott, a David Letterman fixture from the early days in the 1980s on NBC, returned to Late Show with David Letterman on CBS last night to show how he spent a day with the NYPD to prepare for his new series on Adult Swim, Eagleheart. Hijinx ensue. Special bonus appearance by longtime Letterman writer Gerard Mulligan. Roll the clip!   Related: Eagleheart debuts Feb. 3. Catch a sneak peek of Eagleheart with Chris Elliott...

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Comedy Central Presents: Chelsea Peretti

If you missed the debut of Chelsea Peretti's first half-hour Comedy Central Presents, which aired over the weekend, then you can relive it through recaps. Peretti opened by acknowledging her "weird actractiveness level" with the audience, as they're apt to be judging her on her looks before she gets them with the jokes. Want to learn about Chelsea Peretti's attitude toward sex? Well, you're in luck! You get to hear a lot about that in this half-hour. Here she is acting out her feelings toward talking during sex, as well as how some men describe women as "screamers" or "a wildcat" in bed: Peretti also showed off a recording of some dirty talk. She acknowledges that she has terrible taste in men, preferring dumb guys, and she'll keep looking for the right one that she can joke about with in bed. Also, she's dated three white rappers??? Who am I to judge? I haven’t dated any rappers. Related: A few years ago, Chelsea Peretti starred in a webseries called "All My Exes." Start with Episode 1 of All My Exes if you need a...

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