Day: January 30, 2011

SNL Digital Short: “The Creep,” new music video from The Lonely Island, with Nicki Minaj, John Waters

The Lonely Island unveiled their latest music video and song for their upcoming second album, with the creeptastic "The Creep," featuring the boys — Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone — in suits and pencil-thin mustaches. They crept and lept across the dance floor in various situations, until they were joined by Nicki Minaj (SNL's official musical guest) for her own vocals. Acclaimed creepy filmmaker John Waters appeared on a separate TV screen at the end for his own Vincent Price-like spoken-word coda. Ready to do "The Creep?" Roll the clip!...

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Status update! Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg meets Jesse Eisenberg during SNL monologue (VIDEO)

Facebook founder-turned-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg proved he had a sense of humor — and proved Friday's rumors correct — by showing up for a cameo during the monologue on Saturday Night Live. Zuckerberg read his cue cards like any true SNL first-timer, first backstage with Lorne Michaels complaining about how Andy Samberg was portraying him onstage, then interrupting Samberg and the night's host, Zuckerberg's "evil twin" Jesse Eisenberg (who portrayed him in the Oscar-nominated film, The Social Network). Turns out Zuckerberg and Eisenberg had never met until now. Awkward-berg! Samberg left the other two bergs to take it from there. After a couple of so's…they exchanged these words… Eisenberg: "I really liked you on 60 Minutes…You ever end up seeing the film, Social Network?" Zuckerberg: "Yeah, I did." Eisenberg: "What did you think of it?" Zuckerberg: "It was interesting." Eisenberg: "I'll take it." They then shared the traditional monologue outro of teasing the night's musical guest and telling viewers to stick around for the great show. How about sticking around right now to watch the whole monologue again!  ...

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