Day: January 29, 2011

Nick Kroll’s “Thank You Very Cool” on Comedy Central

Nick Kroll has said that he pitched his first one-hour special to Comedy Central as his "one-man Muppet Show." But he gets a lot of help from his friends in Thank You Very Cool, which aired Saturday night on the network. And speaking of Saturday night, what's remarkable about Kroll's comedy is just how much he is an Saturday Night Live kind of star without being on SNL. Kroll doesn't even tell jokes onstage as himself until after the first commercial break. Before then, we get introduced through taped pieces not only to each of Nick Kroll's characters, three of whom — Fabrice Fabrice, Bobby Bottleservice and El Chupacabra — are as popular as any recurring character on SNL, except Kroll has honed and refined his alter-egos live on smaller club stages and online through Funny or Die and podcasts. We also get to meet Gil Faizon (Kroll) and George St. Geegland (John Mulaney, who writes for SNL), the duo's "Oh, Hello" caricature of Upper West Siders who in this special, play the Muppet version of Statler and Waldorf. The opening scenes also feature fellow comedian Chelsea Peretti in the green room, and Lake Bell getting the TSA treatment outside from bouncer Bobby Bottleservice. Mindy Kaling (The Office) gets surprised later when she finds Bottleservice working in the women's restroom.  Bobby B. also gets to be the first performer...

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Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown: 2011 results!

Another January, another year of comedians seeing how badly their fans want to click and click again on to vote for a one-time rebroadcast of their half-hour Comedy Central Presents. Oh, wait. Let me rephrase that. It's the annual Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown! Find out who made the Top 20! The showdown plays out on TV from noon Saturday through 10 p.m. Want to see who made the cut in 2011's Stand-Up Showdown? The Comic's Comic has the list. It's dotted throughout with stand-up comedians who taped their half-hours just last year. New kids rule? Or kids love Internet? Either way, let's count 'em down…CLARIFICATION: Turns out there's a reason all of the Top 20 were from recent specials. As a friend of the site who has performed a Comedy Central Presents informed me, the Showdown rules were changed this time around to limit participants to just the 48 comedians from the past two seasons of CCPs. No wonder, then! 20. Mo Mandel 19. Pete Holmes 18. Jeff Dye 17. Greg Warren 16. Myq Kaplan 15. Tommy Johnagin 14. Chris Porter 13. Amy Schumer 12. Tom Rhodes 11. Josh Blue 10. Ryan Stout 9. Donald Glover 8. Red Grant 7. Pete Lee 6. Iliza Shlesinger 5. Bret Ernst 4. Jon Lajoie 3. Doug Benson 2. Eliot Chang 1. Bo...

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