Day: January 25, 2011

Sneak peak at Eagleheart, new Adult Swim series starring Chris Elliott as a kick-ass U.S. Marshal

At last night's Whiplash show at New York's UCB Theatre, director Jason Woliner (Human Giant) previewed an episode of the new Adult Swim series he worked on, Eagleheart, which stars Chris Elliott as an over-the-top U.S. Marshal and debuts Feb. 3. Check out a clip!   More? Alrighty then. Eagleheart is produced by Conan O'Brien's Conaco, with a cast that also features Brett Gelman and Maria Thayer as his sidekicks and Michael Gladis as Chief. In the episode Woliner screened for the NYC audience, which he said was the "original first episode" but will air sometime later on, Elliott's "Chris Monsanto" reveals a special fighting move: The Death Punch. It's absurd and holds no punches. Obviously. It stars Chris Elliott. Anyhow. After utilizing "The Death Punch," Monsanto feels massive guilt upon learning his criminal victim left behind a wife and kids, and then absurdity ensues. Other episodes are just as violent and silly. A press release suggests "Monsanto may battle a pair of evil twin gubernatorial candidates, surgically alter his appearance to investigate a string of elderly kidnappings, track missing mountain lions to the center of the earth, or punch people so hard they explode." Another clip!   Related: Team Coco talks to Eagleheart creators (and former Late Night with Conan writers Michael Koman and Andrew Weinberg) about the series. You'll learn that a certain former "Late Night" feature helped inspire the...

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UCB and HP team up to write five days of sketches on the fly via emails from YouTube suggestions

Were you on YouTube on Friday? You probably noticed Rob Riggle on there hosting a special two-hour live improv show with his colleagues from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. That was just the start of a five-day promotional stunt for HP's ePrint, which has allowed viewers to submit their sketch ideas via email and watch as UCB players create short videos for them. Here's one about a comedian on the subway:   It reminds me of those filmmaking competitions in which performers run around a city creating shorts, only in this case, it's all happening in a studio and the YouTube viewers dish out the premises. The UCB players are accepting and writing about 16 new sketches each day — the promotion runs through Wednesday. Brandon Gulya said he and the other writers are working from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., with crew and actors on an earlier schedule, and editors working later into the nights. The performers are Jon Gabrus, Jon Gemberling, Fran Gellespie, Ben Rogers and Joe Wengert, with sketches written by Gulya, Anthony King, Dan Klein, Arthur Meyer, and Melinda Taub. Each day has a different theme and setting, such as home, office and school. Today's theme is travel, while Wednesday's is "anything goes." If you want to send in a suggestion — in the form of pictures, poems, single words or drawings, email If your submission gets picked, you'll...

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Interview: Tammy Pescatelli talks about being, making “A Stand-Up Mother” on WEtv

If you want to know why some comedians go overboard in asking fans and followers to vote for them in Comedy Central's annual "Stand-Up Showdown," then just look at the recent record. Jeff Dunham topped the vote in 2008 and finished runner-up in 2009, and got himself a ventriloquism sketch series on Comedy Central. Last year, season two Last Comic Standing finalist Tammy Pescatelli vaulted to the top. And that helped her launch her own hourlong reality/sitcom on WEtv. A Stand-Up Mother premieres tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific following the debut of the new Joan and Melissa Rivers series. Pescatelli spoke with me recently over the phone. But first, let's take a peek at the series. Roll it!   So that's the skinny. She's from Ohio, her husband is from Brooklyn, and they picked up and left Los Angeles for Meadville, Penn. — "The good thing about it is that it has nothing to do with show business," she says — to live closer to her parents and other relatives. Each segment of the hour, however, opens with a small bit of Pescatelli on the road performing stand-up. Walk me through this — which came first, moving to Pennsylvania, or getting the TV show? When I met you in Las Vegas in 2008, you were still in L.A., right? "I got pregnant, the writer's strike hit, and we got out...

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Seinfeld characters re-imagined in multiple suspenseful movie trailers

Remember when mashing up clips for funny movie trailers was a meme? Remember all the way back to 2006? Ah, them's the days. Well, it's 2011, and maybe you're ready for a refresher course, as brought to you in this series of trailers for suspense movies based around the cast of the 1990s hit sitcom Seinfeld. In this one, Jerry Seinfeld is imagined as a power-hungry madman intent on taking over the world. Roll the clip!   But there's more where that came from. What if Kramer stumbled upon a secret government plot? Here's a trailer for Pig Man.   Perhaps these are the sequels from last summer's Serenity Now. Hmmm.   And then, of course, this re-interpretation of George Costanza's marriage plot:...

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Comedians nominated in the 83rd annual Academy Awards

Sorry. Try again this year. For a list of boring and/or fascinating but all-too dramatic nominees in the 83rd annual Academy Awards, click here. You can watch Oscar-winner Mo'Nique announce some of the nominations, at least? Or read live-Tweeting action by comedians during the Oscars on Feb. 27? Eh. Moving on. Winklevoss Twins, avenge...

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