Day: January 24, 2011

Comedy Central Presents: Tom Segura

Comedy Central kicked off its 2011 season of half-hour "Presents" on Friday night with Tom Segura. If you can imagine Patton Oswalt telling jokes, and also imagine Mike Bridenstine telling jokes, and then imagine the two of them telling jokes at the same time as one person, then you're not confused at all by Segura. If you're imagining too many voices talking at the same time, then let me help clear things up, with this clip of Segura talking about people who don't have teeth, even when they have many millions of dollars to spend on teeth. Roll it!   If you enjoyed Segura's half-hour CCP, then you'll likely also enjoy his full-length CD, Thrilled, which comes in just shy of an hour from Rooftop Comedy and includes several of the bits you saw on the TV. Need more convincing? More clips, then! When Tom Segura talks about doing "something gay," he really means it, as he describes getting caught looking at a bulge in another man's pants.   Segura is like several other comedians who are amazed that a TV show exists called I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. But Segura wants to get a little more real about the series than some audience members maybe want to pretend. Time to get real, people.   Segura also isn't shy about saying the word midget, nor even that other...

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Bill Cosby Bukowski, as imagined by Jon Daly

Sure. You may have a Bill Cosby impersonation up your sleeves. Plenty of people do. Tosh.0 even explored this phenomenon in its first season in 2009 with a video mash-up of white girls with Cosby impersonations. But how many people have mashed up a Cosby with a Bukowski? Exactly. Exactly! Here's Jon Daly reciting NSFW poetry in a Cosby sweater. Roll the clip!...

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Michael Palascak on Late Show with David Letterman

Michael Palascak made his debut Friday night on Late Show with David Letterman, and he made some compelling arguments for living with his parents, not working at McDonald's, not moving to Canada, not waiting for marriage to have sex, and how working the graveyard is not as cool as working the graveyard shift. I think I made that last one up. Sort of. But as Palascak said: "I don't make the rules. I just mix them up in my head." Roll the clip!...

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Rare audio, video from the 1990s: Watch The State sing “The Boner Song” and buy their 1996 CD

Here's something you didn't see almost 20 years ago. It's rare footage of The State in their first MTV office in the early 1990s, singing a version of "The Boner Song." See how young they all look! Also, they're college kids singing about boners. Roll it.   If you think it's unusual for footage from The State to linger in archives for more than 14 years, then you probably also didn't know that it took that long for their January 1996 recording to become public. But that's exactly what happened with their CD, "Comedy For Gracious Living." It captures all of them at their youthful indiscretioniest. Is that a word? Who knows. This is an actual CD,...

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